Over The Rhine :: The AD Interview

...and now, even more coverage from last week's Newport Folk Festival. Prior to their performance, AD sat down and caught up with Over The Rhine's Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist. Among other things, they give a shout out to, literally, my favorite burger in the U.S.

Aquarium Drunkard:
You named the band after your neighborhood in Cincinnati, which is a pretty tough neighborhood.

Karin Bergquist: Yeah, it has quite a history and it’s experienced a bit of gentrification over the years, but twenty years ago it was a great, affordable place to live for artists who couldn’t afford anything else, and it’s a beautiful place. A hard place to live, a little dangerous, a little different for a couple of white kids from Ohio (laughs), but Linford had an apartment there and that’s where we started writing our songs. It was good. It got us out of our comfort zones.

AD: Do you think that being challenged in that way, in the sense of being pulled from your comfort zone, made you sit down and decide whether to actually go for it as musicians?

KB: We decided early on that we were gonna do this and do it to the point where we either made it and made a living at it, or we were gonna be penniless on the sidewalk. It was that kind of commitment.

Linford Detweiler: And here we are at the Newport Folk Festival! (laughs)

KB: (laughs) So, it’s just our dream, and wherever that takes us and whatever that looks like, we’ve stuck with it. Because we don’t know what else to do. We don’t know any better, you know? I think the payoff is getting to watch from the side of the stage as people like Levon Helm perform with joy. That was pretty cool.

AD: He looked so happy.

KB: We actually have a song on our Christmas record called “We’re Gonna Pull Through,” and I wrote a line that says “You hold me the way that Levon would play.” I love how warm and deep his grooves are, and I wrote this line in this love song and referenced Levon Helm, so it was cool to see him.

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