Tuesday, September 2nd, Aquarium Drunkard presents Centro-matic, and South San Gabriel, live at Spaceland. The band will begin their set by performing “as” South San Gabriel – a hushed set – before returning to the stage for the full-on rock show donning their Centro-matic hats. The tour is in support of the band’s, new, double album Dual Hawks, which I plan on picking up the vinyl version of at the show. Sleepercar open up the night (featuring Jim Ward of Sparta.)

Per usual, we are giving away five pairs of tickets to the show for AD readers. Leave a comment with a valid email address, you favorite Will Johnson tune, and your full name (we need this for the Will Call list if ya win).

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MP3: Centro-Matic :: Remind Us Alive
MP3: South San Gabriel :: Kept On The Sly
Purchase Tickets: HERE – 10 Bucks

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9 Responses to “AD Presents :: Centro-matic/South San Gabriel”

  1. triggers/trashheaps

  2. OMFG!!! What a boomtown show – are we serious, here!?

    Recently I’ve been dead to the world and listened to “calling thermatico” a crapload…

    but it’s usually aces and gravy regardless – the SSG/Centro-Matic release last year (i think) was neat.

  3. Love You Just The Same from the Flashes & Cables EP. Great harmonies, epic sound. I recommend the live set from ACL Fest if you haven’t heard it also. You can get it on emusic. But you probably already know that.

  4. Blisters May Come from All the Falsest Hearts Can Try

  5. Fred Rockwood is a boring, unfunny tool.

  6. Strahan Has Corralled The Freaks (‘coz it’s almost football season!)

  7. Pateince For The Ride!

  8. The Given Geography

    can’t wait for this show!
    sleepercar’s great too.

    many thanks, friend…

  9. Flashes & Cables

    This show will be fantastic.
    I love Sleepercar too
    Can’t Wait…

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