Talking Heads: live at the Sun Palace, Tokyo, February 27, 1981

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MP3: Talking Heads :: Psycho Killer
MP3: Talking Heads :: Stay Hungry
MP3: Talking Heads :: Cities
MP3: Talking Heads :: Drugs
MP3: Talking Heads :: Once In A Lifetime
MP3: Talking Heads :: Houses In Motion
MP3: Talking Heads :: Born Under Punches
MP3: Talking Heads :: Crosseyed & Painless
MP3: Talking Heads :: Life During Wartime
MP3: Talking Heads :: The Great Curve
MP3: Talking Heads :: The Book I Read
MP3: Talking Heads :: Girls Want To Be With Girls
MP3: Talking Heads :: Mind

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Talking Heads – Live in Rome 1980 – Born Under Punches

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8 Responses to “Talking Heads :: Live @ Sun Palace, Tokyo: 1981”

  1. Great video. I haven’t seen that before. Your mp3 down load list takes me back like a time machine…we used to dance like fiends to these – especially Psycho Killer, and they seemed so fast and furious back then, and now, they seem to slow to dance to …

  2. How comfortable do you have to be as a band to let that much “non-band” talent share your stage? Adrian Belew, Bernie Worrell. This line-up is one of the oddest, and best, funk bands ever.

  3. “How comfortable do you have to be as a band to let that much “non-band” talent share your stage? Adrian Belew, Bernie Worrell.”

    Actually, from what I’ve read they were not all that comfortable at all. The band almost broke up because of it.

  4. OK, so maybe it was a rhetorical question. Still, some of my favorite Talking Heads music was with the extended lineup.


  5. I’ve had this show for a while. It’s a fantastic setlist, great quality and, yes, the lineup kicks some ass. What a great band

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  8. Jesus, what a great performance in that video. Never knew Adrian Belew played with them.

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