John Phillips :: Pussycat (Lost Album Unearthed)


September 9th will mark the long-belated release of the late John Phillips’ “lost,” Glimmer Twins produced, album Pussycat.

The Story:
Recorded in 1976 and ’77 featuring members of both the Rolling Stones and Traffic (produced by Mick and Keith), the Pussycat sessions were shelved, and thought to be lost, until 2001. John Phillips was the first artist signed to Rolling Stones Records in 1976, and Pussycat was to be his grand coming out party on the label. A rotating cast of notable players guested on the LP including the Stones Mick Taylor and his (then recent) replacement Ron Wood.

The 2008 Release: The September 9th release of Pussycat presents the original `70s mix of the album, along with newly-discovered outtakes and material from the 1976 sessions for Phillips’s soundtrack to the film The Man Who Fell To Earth (starring, naturally, David Bowie as the svelte humanoid alien Thomas Jerome Newton.)

MP3: John Phillips :: Pussycat
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6 thoughts on “John Phillips :: Pussycat (Lost Album Unearthed)

  1. Yo Pete! It’s ‘Glimmer,’ not ‘Glitter.’ As in, daffy cruise ship passengers, spotting Jag and Keith on board, tell them, ‘give us a glimmer’, i.e. a suggestion as to their actual names. Sadly, they had nothing on their persons small, very hard and able to be rolled.

  2. So other than the bonus tracks how is this different than ‘Pay Pack & Follow’ which was released in 2001?

  3. I think it ia actually the original lost master tapes which did not surface until 2003 whereas Pay Pack was in fact demos and run throughs. I believe this CD is supposed to represent the actual intended album.

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