Vetiver: Thing Of The Past :: The Originals


As I mentioned in August, Vetiver’s 2008 all-covers album, Thing of The Past, has been a favorite around here over the past few months. Today, we’re taking that interest a little further. If you’re curious in the artists behind the scenes, below are the twelve original versions beginning with Elyse Weinberg and ending with Louisiana’s Bobby Charles.

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MP3: Elyse Weinberg :: Houses
MP3: Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance :: Roll On Babe
MP3: Kathy Heideman :: Sleep A Million Years
MP3: Norman Greenbaum :: Hook & Ladder
MP3: Biff Rose :: To Baby
MP3: Ian Matthews :: Road to Ronderlin
MP3: Garland Jeffreys :: Lon Chaney
MP3: Hawkind :: Hurry on Sundown
MP3: Loudon Wainwright III :: The Swimming Song
MP3: Michael Hurley :: Blue Driver
MP3: Townes Van Zandt Standin’
MP3: Bobby Charles :: I Must Be In A Good Place Now
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22 thoughts on “Vetiver: Thing Of The Past :: The Originals

  1. What a post… I read this blog religiously and this has to be one of my favorites. I must have missed the earlier post about this album because I’m just now picking it up. Did you by chance take these from the LPs? I hear some fuzz and scratches. Thanks again. This batch of songs will be listened to often.

  2. Just a quick note…
    “Sleep A Million Years” was indeed written by Dia Joyce, but Kathy Heideman is the one who sings it here.
    Other than that, thanks for taking the time and effort to find them & put these all together!

  3. Thanks so much for this! I love Vetiver and now I can look even deeper into the beautiful music that they’re into. I met Andy Cabic and he has to be one of the sweetest human beings on Earth.

  4. This is great album, but what’s the point in making a version/cover, when you don’t change a thing? I thought the thing about covering a tune is the fact that you make it sound different??!! By the way, I’m a big fan of Vetiver…

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  6. This is a great album. It’s awesome hearing these old tunes done anew. Im a huge Townes Van Zandt fan and at first overlooked ‘Standin’

  7. I’m another one begging for a re-up of these songs please! I’ve been chasing many of them since I heard that great Vetiver lp but they’re obscure as all hell…

  8. where can i find sleep a million years from kathy heidman!? it’s impossible to track from what I read. can someboy re-up?

  9. I’d love to hear this Kathy Heiman too! Can’t believe I’m just running across this post. re-up, if you’d be so kind.

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