AD Presents :: Tokyo Police Club/The Whigs

Aquarium Drunkard is presenting Tokyo Police Club and The Whigs dates this week here in Los Angeles, both at the Henry Fonda Music Box (Sept 18th), and in Pomona at the Glass House (Sept 19th). We have some pairs of tickets to give away to AD readers. Hit up the comments below if you are wanting to check out the show.

Also, AD caught up with TPC's David Monks earlier in the month -- interview below.

Aquarium Drunkard: What is the nature of this experiment?

Tokyo Police Club: We grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, which was a place that was void of the more obscure music scenes we'd hear about happening in the city. We were the only people we knew in our school who were into the same band. So, the natural progression was eventually to attempt to play the music we listened to together.

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