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21 Responses to “CSNY :: Down By The River (Big Sur 1969)”

  1. love it. thanks.

  2. I promise you all of those people dancing pissed Neil Young off to no end.

  3. I had chills by the 1st chorus.

  4. Justin. Glad you remembered to find this, despite my negligence in remembering. great seeing you!

    AD strikes again!

  5. that made my morning. btw did someone unplug Crosby’s guitar or is it just me? around the 2:20 mark he’s strumming the shit out of it and I don’t hear anything

  6. Yeah, I was making a point of trying to hear Crosby’s guitar and I couldn’t. That fade out toward the end is heartbreaking.

  7. Awesome. Just awesome.

  8. They had to turn down Crosby’s guitar because there was too much fringe

  9. dumb question, but which one is nash? keys? crosby is playing fake guitar, neil is neil and other guitar is stills, no?

    love it. and dear lord is big sur beautiful. haven’t been since i was a kid.

  10. Joan and Mimi B. looking fine at 3:12 !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dude. I’m growing sideburns and buying a poncho tomorrow.

  12. Groovy man. Groovy.

    I’ll second the call for sideburns and ponchos. It’s about time. Thanks Justin.

  13. Incredible!

    M, I’m totally going on a poncho hunt this weekend as well.

  14. ponchos are the new black

  15. Unbelievable! Neil is the man… Thanks for posting such a killer clip.

    I’ve only been to Big Sur once and it was beautiful, but I didn’t catch a CSNY show poolside while I was there 😉

    Anyone know what source that clip is from? Was it something officially released?

  16. info here:

  17. Now is that a real poncho or is that a Sears poncho?

  18. Um….yea. For those who haven’t, read “Shakey” by Jimmy McDonough.

  19. love it. Was that some kinda festival or what? Are they playing by a swimming pool in someone’s yard? thanks for the wikipedia. God I love wikapedia, you tube and AD! Definitely Sick. Thanks.

  20. NO FOOLING!!

  21. AMEN!

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