Isaac Hayes :: By The Time I Get To Phoenix


Been listening to my old Isaac Hayes albums; Hot Buttered Soul in particular. This is my Sunday morning jam.

MP3: Isaac Hayes :: By The Time I Get To Phoenix
MP3: Glen Campbell :: By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Amazon: Isaac Hayes – Hot Buttered Soul

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4 thoughts on “Isaac Hayes :: By The Time I Get To Phoenix

  1. The cut I remember best from “Hot Buttered Soul” was (I found out much lateran old Jerry Butler tune) “I Stand Accused” clocking in around 9 minutes if I recall. It used to get MAJOR play on our local underground station which was pretty stingy with progressive black music beyond the occasional John KaSandra or Don Covay & The Blind Lemon Jefferson Blues Band cut, so I listened up real close. Soon enough I GOT it, especially when they re-visited the 2nd LP (there was an earlier first LP done before Isaac came up with his extended approach) and pulled out “…Phoenix”. Wow! It certainlyhelp to inform many of my listening choices over the next thrity years when it came to soul music…hell, to music in general. It showed me, just like the now deceased Norman Whitfield did, that being progressive in Pop music wasn’t defined by the color of one’s skin….and if it was, then black men seemed to have a lock on the ability to create extended musical masterpieces that were able to tap into something drenched with feeling that progressive white musicians seem to struggle with. Sure, the whi8te musicians seem to have the techniques down but it was soul-less, for the most part.

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