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reigning-sound.jpgI’ve been on a huge Reigning Sound kick of late devouring their 2002 LP Time Bomb High School almost daily. There is something about this record that is so immediate, so primal and completely organic, that is eschews a sense of what rock & roll is all about – or what it should be about. I asked my friend Will, who first turned me on to the band, to lay down some thoughts per the record below.

For days now I’ve been thinking of what to say about Time Bomb High school and there’s nothing I can say that doesn’t sound like rock critic hyperbolic bullshit because I like this album more than anything else released in the 21st Century.

Years from now when rock nerds listen to rock & roll from our era are they are going to hear Greg Carwright’s work with The Oblivians, The Compulsive Gamblers and Mary Weiss and say to themselves “This guy was great”. But when they hear The Reigning Sound rip through the Harold Arlen* co written, “Stormy Weather” like they were the soul of Tommy Burke reincarnated through a beat up amplifier they’ll realize that Greg Cartwright was the great under appreciated standard bearer of Rock and Roll for the 21st century. Lucky for us we can hear him now.

Time Bomb High School is a masterpiece. It starts with the aforementioned “Stormy Weather” and rips through 14 more tracks full of pop hooks and crushing guitars riffs. If you don’t like the TBHS brand of rock you don’t like rock at all.

*Harold Arlen also co-wrote “Over the Rainbow”.

MP3: Reigning Sound :: Stormy Weather
MP3: Reigning Sound :: Straight Shooter
Amazon: Reigning Sound – Time Bomb High School

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13 thoughts on “Reigning Sound :: Time Bomb High School

  1. Cartwright is top notch, and very under appreciated. His songs have often been covered with great acclaim, people not knowing their source. thanks for giving this much deserved attention, and reminding me to listen to it later.

  2. As much as I like Time Bomb HS, I love Too Much Guitar. Perhaps not for everyone, as the title doesn’t lie, but I love that fuzz coating.

  3. Great record, full of soul and charm. Time Bomb High School (the track), Reptile Style and Dressy being my fave tracks. Incredible band. Thanks for reminding me, gonna give it a listen tonight. cheers.

  4. Is anybody a fan of their earlier album in 2001 when they were a slow Alt/Country/Classic/Rock type band. I’m always amazed at how different those albums sound. Huge Reigning Sound fan though!

  5. I was lucky enough to recently catch Reigning Sound at a very late night show, supposedly before going into the studio the next morning. They ripped through a few classics like Stormy Weather, but also had a whole new regime of songs. Can’t wait to hear what happens next.

  6. Man, I was desperately looking for something new and good to eat up my free downloads on emusic. I can always count on Aquarium Drunkard. Now I don’t have to beg my own readers for suggestions.

  7. Hey,

    Great to see all of the comments here. I think I can say that all of us are still proud of how that record turned out.

    FYI, original RS drummer Greg Roberson and I are now playing with Greg’s old bandmate Jack Yarber in the Tearjerkers. ( Still playing the rock and roll . . .I think we’re all doomed in that respect.

    Take care,


  8. Anybody heard any news on the reported new RS LP in the mix? I have been dying in anticipation. This band is utterly fantastic.

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