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Are these better than an old box of Creedance cassettes? While that might be more of a question for our friend the Dude, I would certainly argue that 2008 has been a pretty good year for Creedence fans. Earlier this year eMusic made the entire CCR catalog available for download, and now, being the 40th anniversary of the band, all the catalog is getting the inevitable reissue/remaster treatment (cleaner sound/extra tracks, etc). As I’ve mentioned on here in the past, if you’re a casual fan of the band, try moving beyond the “best of” compilations and dig into some of the albums themselves. While the band’s career was brief, it was pure Americana; just as incredibly solid as it was influential. Like the aforementioned Graham Nash reissue, we are giving copies of these away to AD readers; hit up the comments below with your favorite CCR jam to enter.


MP3: Creedence Clearwater Revival :: Effigy
MP3: Creedence Clearwater Revival :: Cotton Fields (Huddie Ledbetter cover)
Amazon: Creedence Clearwater Revival – Catalog Reissued

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50 thoughts on “Creedence :: Catalog Reissued/Remastered

  1. Now more than ever, it’s always been all about ‘Fortunate Son’.
    Also, always had a soft spot for ‘Tombstone Shadow’
    &, never could come to grips w/the cover of ‘Cosmo’s Factory’ 😉
    As for the rest, proto.americana, & great studies (excepting ‘grapevine’) in pop minimalism. Perfect study of a band that was more than the sum of its parts, & when the whole catalog is measured lyrically, perhaps bleaker than Joy Division…
    Can’t wait to retire those crackly LP’s…

  2. So excited when I saw this post! Creedence is without a doubt my favorite band of all time…My favorite songs are “Keep on Chooglin” and “I Put a Spell On You”…

    But my favorite movie of all time is also the Big Lebowski, so I have a special place for “Lookin Out My Back Door”…

    Hey man…could you change the station man. I’ve had a really long day and I hate the f*cking Eagles…

    Nothing would make me happier than to get my hands on some of these reissues.

    Thanks for the post.

  3. have always loved sinister purpose

    one of my fav concert moments the past 10+ years was seeing pavement blast through this once. was great to see a newer band showing the strength and power of ccr.

    fogerty may have written greater songs than sinister purpose, but for me, the spirit and soul of rock and roll came out in those opening notes far greater than anything he ever wrote.

  4. My jam was always ‘green river’ there was just something about it. On a side note, I was traveling with a buddy and blew his mind by informing him that creedence was from northern cali. I’m from mississippi and he thought for sure that’s where they were from or somewhere down new orleans way “since they sang about the bayou”…good times…

  5. I’m a big fan of the whole “Cosmos Factory” LP, and my favorite track on the whole album, and probably overall is “Ramble Tamble”

    I’ve also been really digging “Effigy” ever since you guys posted the Tupelo cover of it.

  6. A buddy of mine from college had a bootleg of Creedence jamming in the studio with Booker T. They do a smoking version of Wilson Pickett’s “99 1/2”. Wish I had a copy now.

    Since that isn’t an official Creedence jam, I’ll have to go with “Born on the Bayou”. Now that I think of it, the same friend had this gnarly old Vox amp that had a wicked tremolo which could get the sound of that opening riff pretty good.

  7. After all of the trouble between John Fogerty and Fantasy it’s good to see these get a proper reissue. I’ve always loved their Heard it through the Grapevine which takes a great pop song and makes it better.

  8. gotta say, when the man has got me all pissed off, “fortunate son” is the one i turn to when i need a musical middle finger…seems like i’ve been playin’ that one a lot lately. damn the man!

  9. I always come back to “Hey Tonight/Sweet Hitch-Hiker/Someday Never Comes” – supplementing my vinyl albums with the Creedence Chronicle discs years ago, that end of CD triple-play always surprises and pleases at the end of Chronicle Vol. 1. Perfect sequence for the end of a concert. Or a lost highway road trip with the windows cranked down. I wonder what would have come next had the band stayed together….

    And I still hear what I call the “Creedence TV Jam” in my head – from the late ’80s TV commercials promoting the anthologies. “As seen on TV” – that’s ALL the hits!

    The best slow jam of all time is still Grapevine. And our high school bands used to rock out on Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

  10. I’m actually upset about the remastered reissues because I absolutely love the sound quality on the originals. Unfortunately, I was able to find copies of Pendulum and Bayou Country before the reissues were released on Sept. 22. Now I’ll probably never find them. Green River always sounded perfect.

  11. “Down on the Corner” is hands down my favorite CCR (or Willy and the Poor Boys) song. It’s just evocative of so many things to me.

  12. Leadbelly’s MIDNIGHT SPECIAL is the JAM!

    C-C-Commotion, Lodi and Lookin’ Out My Back Door are too. Hell, they ALL are.

    The remasters will take some of the fuzz and imperfections out of the old recordings, which is half the fun sometime, but I am still excited to hear them. Thanks!

  13. “Traveling Band” is definitely my favorite. It’s that opening line “Seven-thirty-seven comin’ outta the sky!” That stuff gets me every time. I have bought Chronicles four times now ’cause as a kid I wore the tape out twice, then got the cd, then got an old vinyl copy. I’ve got a few of the other albums but need to branch out some more.

  14. “Long As I Can See the Light”, no doubt. Also “Keep On Chooglin’.”

    Though it often gets passed over, I am a big fan of “Someday Never Comes”, too.

  15. “Born On The Bayou” a rockin jam with the sickest cowbell. “Midnight Special” is a fave too, damnation there’s so many solid songs.

  16. Always been a big fan of their cover of “I Heard It Through the Grapevine.” Fogerty hits the high notes well and the guitar solo pretty much kills

  17. Suzie Q..Classic psychedelic swamp boogie!

    I put a spell on you- talk about great vocals! smoking guitar too!

    Mike T

  18. Gotta say, the cover of “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” is my favorite. That’s a lot of rock and roll for a single quarter. If you can find a jukebox that will still give you a song for a quarter. Those were the days.

  19. Fortunate Son is a killer track but As Long As I Can See The Light is the one that resonates the most…love Fogerty’s singing

  20. I know I’m going to change my mind the moment I submit this comment, but I’m going to have to say that Ramble Tamble is my favorite CCR tune.

  21. Honestly, my very first memory of hearing MUSIC is CCR playing in my aunt’s VW bug while I was strapped in the car seat when I was a baby…Bad Moon Rising (hope you’re quite prepared to die)

    Sinister Purpose is pure, evil rock and roll…all those tortured bending guitar strings and the feedback that keeps floating in and out – definitely one of the greatest tracks EVER!!

  22. Well, I could go along with the Dude and say “Lookin’ Out My Back Door” but I really do love “Green River”

  23. This post had me digging through the CCR last night and today, and I have to say that “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” jumped up and grabbed me pretty hard. Some lines (“Five Year Plans and New Deals, wrapped in golden chains”) feel damn topical, given our current state of affairs…

  24. Favorite CCR ?? It just has to be Midnight Special….I heard that song as a kid of about 10, just starting to explore music and it had everything….the blues swagger of the opening bars…the drunken bar sing-a-long of the chorus and the truth of the story….every time I hear that song I decide I’m going to record. But I never do because it can’t be done any better. And I think that’s true of most of CCR’s catalog, which is what makes them great.

  25. ‘It Came out of The Sky’ would be my favorite, mostly for its sense of humor wondering why those UFO sightings always seem to be out in the sticks instead of an urban area. I also played the tune with one of my bands for a dozen years or so.

    though a bit sacriligious, i also liked the official 12″ vinyl mega medley (as opposed to the previously released 7″ medley mix which reallly sucked) which was reaqlly well done and a stone hit whenever I played it.

    The Blue Ridge Rangers was a huge favorite as was Tom Fogerty’s “Good Bye, Mr. Media Man”

  26. Green River and Lodi are my favorites…Being from Brooklyn, I always thought he was singing about be stuck in Lodi New Jersey..

  27. Does anyone have an idea as to why Mardi Gras wasn’t remastered? It’s probably their “worst” album (still pretty average), given the split in songwriting/singing that was demanded at the time, but it is a little odd to remaster 6/7 of a band’s official album releases. I’d prefer a complete set.

  28. Willy & the Poor Boys is the classic CCR jam for me. Authentic, but still an innocent feel too. AMerica in the late ’60’s early ’70’s before the Sh** hit the fan and we lost our innocence.

  29. My husband and I found your page and found it to be quite entertaining. My wife and I appreciated the story and I look forward to reading more from your blog again. How can I be notified of more blurbs that are published here on your blog?

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