Whiskeytown :: Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco – 9.13.1997

MP3: Whiskeytown :: Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart
MP3: Whiskeytown :: 16 Days –> Highway 145
MP3: Whiskeytown :: Midway Park –> Too Drunk To Dream
MP3: Whiskeytown :: Drank Like A River —> Just One More Time
MP3: Whiskeytown :: Yesterday’s News —> Waiting To Derail
MP3: Whiskeytown :: Today
MP3: Whiskeytown :: Losering
MP3: Whiskeytown :: Everything I Do
MP3: Whiskeytown :: Breathe
MP3: Whiskeytown :: Nurse With The Pills

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Whiskeytown @ The High Pointe :: St. Louis, MO 4/5/97

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10 Responses to “Whiskeytown :: Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco”

  1. Badass

  2. ryan adams is untouchable…everything he does turns to gold

  3. thanks!!

  4. Very Nice. Thank you…

  5. whiskeytango beat what i was going to say by saying it first.


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  7. No love for Caitlin Cary?

    btw thanks for this show!

  8. Thanks for posting. this was a great show. i was standing right up front in the first row. at the beginning of “yesterday’s news” when they say “we don’t usually do that” they are talking about passing their bottle of whiskey to me and my friends in the first row–can’t remember what it was exactly but i’m pretty sure it was bourbon and one of the big 1.75l bottles.

  9. Excellent post! Just saw Ryan and the Cardinals last night in Cincinnati. Great show!

  10. […] song. Waiting to Derail is rough, openly rooting for the crash. YouTube blanks, but one blog has the audio. Where do you really fit but stacked between the […]

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