Since their original appearance on AD in 2006 I have had countless requests to re-post this 1967 recording session. So, here it is. I came upon this 1967 rehearsal about five years ago, and it has since become my favorite Beach Boys recording. All very understated and to the point. Besides saying that, I will let the songs speak for themselves. If you’re a fan, grab them now as they will only remain up for 14 days. Cheers.

MP3: The Beach Boys :: God Only Knows
MP3: The Beach Boys :: California Girls
MP3: The Beach Boys :: Surfer Girl
MP3: The Beach Boys :: You’re So Good To Me
MP3: The Beach Boys :: The Letter
MP3: The Beach Boys :: Help Me Rhonda
MP3: The Beach Boys :: Heroes & Villains
MP3: The Beach Boys :: Their Hearts Were Full of Spring

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16 Responses to “The Beach Boys :: Rehearsals 1967”

  1. You rock. See you this weekend!

  2. Many thanks for this. My favorite group. I love the sound already too. You’re So Good To Me was always a favorite.

  3. WTF is up with track seven?

  4. wow, this gives me chills. Many thanks!

  5. Is this from the “Lei’d in Hawaii” bootleg?

  6. @ greg, yeah these tracks can also be found on that boot

  7. Oh man, so great. But yeah, what’s up with the voice-over on “Heroes and Villains”?

  8. Cool stuff..Thanks.. 🙂

    Mike Love Is Still A D*ck !

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  10. This is great stuff. I downloaded it back in 2006 and listen to it regularly

  11. Thanks kindly for posting these songs. What a neat glimpse
    into an interesting period for the Beach Boys!

  12. This is so great. I was just telling a girl, who is “not all that into the Beach Boys”, about these recordings. God only Knows is just heartbreaking on this version.

    Thank God for Aquarium Drunkard, this blog is amazing.

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  14. fantastic post for a music that will last forever.

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  16. I can’t download them! I’m desperate to hear the ‘Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring’ track! Help!

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