Of Montreal :: Roseland Ballroom, NYC


At the beginning of 2007 I caught one of Of Montreal’s first dates for the Hissing Fauna tour and was sufficiently blown away by both the live rendering of the new material — and the live spectacle it employed. Friday night, while in New York, my mind was again blown, but this time even more so. Everything was bigger and more frenetic; the room, the crowd, the energy, the theatrics, the props, the extras, the costumes, the music, the band lineup, the backdrop — and then, add one white stallion, mounted bareback by one Kevin Barnes. Matt took the above photo, and you can read his review of the night here, fluxblog’s here and the Gum’s here. As I have said on these pages in the past in regards to OM, if you’re even slightly a fan, and like forward thinking pop music, go check out the live experience. I’m still on the east coast traveling, but stay tuned for AD’s review of Skeletal Lamping soon.

Download: The Entire OM Roseland Show, Via NYC Taper

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5 thoughts on “Of Montreal :: Roseland Ballroom, NYC

  1. Shame the link to the live show isnt working. Saw them do an instore last night at Rough Trade in London, and got the album last night – excellent stuff.

  2. The link to the show download is correct, its just that this recording just hit it big on the web this morning and the server is getting overloaded. Keep trying maybe during “off hours” and you’ll have more luck and speed.

  3. Saw Of Montreal @ Koko in London last Thursday. Hadn’t seen them before and was totally blown away 🙂 Great night and recommend anyone who likes a bit of costume-clad-indie-pop to get a ticket!

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