I’m loving this Hacienda album, and play these dudes about every week on the SIRIUS show. Posted the MP3 for “She’s Got Ahold On Me” about six weeks ago, so below is the video. Dig. Also, you can stream the LP in it’s entirety via Dodge.

MP3: Hacienda :: She’s Got Ahold On Me
Amazon: Hacienda – Loud Is the Night

www.haciendaonline.net ++ www.myspace.com/haciendaspace

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2 Responses to “Hacienda :: She’s Got Ahold On Me (Video)”

  1. great song, interesting video choice, hopes these guys come to LA soon.

  2. This album just rules. Love the vid as well. I may have learned about it here … and if so, well, my hat’s off to you.

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