Voodoo Festival 2008 :: Man Man (I’d Rather Go Blind)


Man Man’s live shows have become the stuff of of near-legend over the past couple of years. As I mentioned earlier they are one of the touring artists I plan on catching today at the fest.

More often than not, whenever I spin Man Man’s cover of Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind,” someone, whether in the studio, or a listener via email, invariably inquires one of two things: a) the source of the cover, or b) who the band is covering Etta James. I think this phenomenon, like all great covers, speaks to both the quality of the song itself, as well as Man Man’s barroom interpretation.

MP3: Man Man :: I’d Rather Go Blind (cover)
MP3: Etta James :: I’d Rather Go Blind

Video: Etta James & Dr. John :: I’d Rather Go Blind (highly recommended)
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7 thoughts on “Voodoo Festival 2008 :: Man Man (I’d Rather Go Blind)

  1. etta james, dr. john…and BB KING!

    that’s teh BB King & Friends sshow from the ebony theater, which was an all star deal with BB playing with glady knight, eric clapton, phil collins, billy ocean, SRV, albert king and more.

    good to see it on youtube, hopefully the rest of the concert is up too.

  2. Man Man had me transfixed when I saw them open for Modest Mouse. All I can seem to remember is painted faces leaping above the crowd, set to a soundtrack of brilliantly arranged absurdities.

    Great cover, by the way.

  3. edgar apollo, music transcends everything else. In this case neither the white man nor Man Man is taking anything, just giving; bullshit shouldn’t enter music/your listening of it/whatever. Cheesy as all that sounded.

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