AD: You have played in New Orleans for years and years, and now are playing Voodoo. I was thinking that Jazz Fest is a celebration of New Orleans/Louisiana culture and with so many bands in the Voodoo lineup of different styles-it seems Voodoo might actually present a representation of New Orleans culture and how it continues to grow in stature nationwide. How do you think about the two, given your experience and perspective? How do you also view the city’s music scene?

Quintron: The fact that they both exist is amazing!….good for the city. We ARE New Orleans culture. Lil’ Wayne sure as hell IS New Orleans Culture and a bunch of wasted Metairie teenagers rocking out to a band they have only heard of (R.E.M) in beautiful Swampy City Park IS New Orleans Culture just as much as gumbo ya ya funky monky Jazz Cakes.

AD: How about a brief history for the unindoctrinated?

Quintron: I have been playing rock and roll swamp tech organ music in my own special way for a long time – since I was 16. There are 10 full length Quintron records and a new one out on Goner this week called Too Thirsty 4 Love. For most of this time I have been touring with Miss Pussycat who does amazing Technicolor puppet shows for all ages. She also makes puppet films and is responsible for the bizarre Christmas classic North Pole Nutrias.

Her latest puppet film is a 10 episode mini-series called Trixie And The Tree Trunks. We will definitely be doing a live puppet show for this Voodoo appearance. I have also invented an instrument called the Drum Buddy which is a light activated analog synth that you play like a turntable. Nels Cline of Wilco and Laurie Anderson are two of the more famous owners.


AD: With the new album, you continue to provide the world with gurgling, lo-fi funk for their souls. What drew you to create this music in the first place? What keeps you going?

Quintron: I guess I am working on creating a new genre and when it’s done I will quit…I want to bring New Orleans music a whole new category…it’s there if you are in the streets and listening to what is happening right now. The influx of all these outside influences since Katrina is gonna totally supercharge what comes out of here in the future.

When Rolling Stone does a feature article on the hot new “Louisiana Swamp-Tech Scene” then I can move to Brazil and traffic illegal Tylenol.

AD: How is touring for you? You make it seem simple and you seem to prosper live in front of an audience.

Quintron: Well, last night everything just broke and the show became a comedy routine. I hate that.We try to approach touring like vacation. Lots of pleasure stops and nice dinners. Yea, its like a vacation where your final nightly destination is a bar and you also have a union blue collar truck driving / loading job every single day. It’s complicated. But we love it.

We are actually very lucky to be able to do this. I feel very bad for new bands starting out right now. Gas prices are really going to do away with the tradition of bands getting an old used Dodge van and hitting the road. Also, less people are coming out and spending money on concerts. Money is tight obviously…..we had a golden age of touring and it is coming to a close….maybe not a close but it is getting reigned in. I think equipment will get smaller…it’s already happened really with new punk bands doing away with drums and using more small machines….things you can fit into a car, you know.

AD: With so many acts on different stages, you have to draw passersbys in (much like busking on the streets in the Quarter)-how do you describe your live show to laymen?

Quintron: It’s like watching a house burn down….in a good way.

AD: Finally, other plans for the remainder of 2008 and the beginning of 2009?

Quintron: Either dance in the streets and cry tears of joy or go on a murderous rampage…depending what happens Nov. 4th. words/ mik davis

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12 Responses to “Quintron (New Orleans, LA) :: The AD Interview”

  1. new orleans certainly has an interesting and vibrant scene, kudos on the coverage!

  2. I would really love to make it to New Orleans one year and hear all that great music 🙂

  3. One of the most enjoyable shows I’ve seen this year was Quintron & Miss Pussycat – great interview!

  4. wow – Quintron’s awesome. From here, I went to his MySpace, then picked up some songs from eMusic. Thanks for introducing me to his music.
    I’ve gotta remember to go check him out next month when he plays Miami.
    someone’s actually playing Miami

  5. Quintron is scaring the bejeezes out of me!

  6. great weekend mang…great to see you. super interview.

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  8. Quite possibly the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever heard. There’s more soul in a passing fire truck’s siren than in this idiot.

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  10. i like the vid to prom queen as for this version straight garbage bad post

  11. meean!!

  12. quintron and miss pussycat are such jokes. i saw them in pittsburgh last year with black lips and br’er fox and they spent their entire set insulting the city.
    about two people, who probably knew the band personally, were dancing and having a good time. this is the least entertaining band in the world.

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