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(Sevens, a new feature on Aquarium Drunkard, pays tribute to the art of the individual song.)

Some songs feel like a carnival. Some songs feel like a saloon. And some songs manage to convey both (yeah, I’m lookin’ at you Tom Waits). Yes, David Bromberg’s swaying “Sharon” is one such song. A loose and funky narrative, the tune tells the tale of, what else, a mysterious lady, a carnie in fact, who among other feats “smiled a smile for the whole world to see.”   In addition to Sharon, the protagonist, Bromberg, is plagued by a heavy “with curly red hair, a big bushy beard, and built like a bear,” and is repeatedly reminded that the “same rowdy crowd that was here last night is back again.”   But like all great story-songs, the layers tend to unfold after repeated visits — so I won’t spoil anymore. This one’s a classic; the aural equivalent of a daytime shot of well bourbon with a side of trapeze.   Cheers.

Trivia: What Beastie Boys track sampled the hook from “Sharon”?   Hit the comments below.

MP3: David Bromberg :: Sharon
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14 thoughts on “Sevens :: David Bromberg: Sharon

  1. he’s no less important than you working class stiffs
    drinks a lot of liquor, but he don’t drink piss

    classic. nice to know where the sample came from!

  2. you aren’t fooling anyone. we all know the aquarium drunkard is a closet widespread fan…athens. GA will do that to you.

    say what you want about panic: anyone who covers as many great tunes as are featured on this blog couldn’t be that bad, right?

    you haven’t lived till you’ve heard widespread belt this out on the 2nd or 3rd night of a big run. “Same rowdy crowd that was here last night is back again!” ’01 Memphis with the dirty dozen brass band or ’00 new orleans with karl denson & chris littlefield are two of my favorites.

    there used to be a better one on youtube but this will do.

  3. I could’nt agree more with Chris or Jon. This site reeks of dirty Panic. From all your posts of Athens bands (REM, Bloodkin, Drive-By Truckers), & WSP influences (Talking Heads, Funkadelic, JJ Cale, Etc.) you have to have some appreciation for this band. Why not post something of theirs?

  4. for my taste, widespread satisfies all of what i want from a great band: fantastic vocalist, excellent range, great songwriting, a sense of dynamics and a clear appreciation for their influences.

    the “jam” aspect only makes it better…the fact that they play all 250 of their songs, lots of covers and improvise is just gravy.

    i don’t like most jambands. but its hard to deny that if you like a band for what they do, the jamband ethos is about as rewarding as it can get.

    could you imagine if wilco, sonic youth, RA & the cards or my morning jacket played a totally unique set every night consisting of every song in their catalogue and mixed in every cover song they knew throughout the year? would you ever get sick of it? if you saw them on friday night in houston wouldn’t you kind of want to drive 3 hours to the next show in dallas if it would be totally different? of course.

    i guess my point is that just because a band jams doesn’t make them good. but a good band that jams takes it to another level and widespread (for my taste) is the best in the business.

  5. Closet fan?? Pffft! Hardly. Ive posted WSP on here over the years. While I no longer attend three-night runs anymore, I do still catch a show every couple of years.

  6. for what its worth, i know many soured on panic when lead guitarist mikey houser passed away and was replaced with ill-fitting george mcconnell. but they’ve subsequently added Jimmy herring and are a force to be reckoned with again.

    Satisfied is one of my favorites…panic always plays “new” cover songs and i’ve always been hoping to hear them play a full version of Satisfied. they’ve done bits and pieces but never the whole thing.

    This year’s halloween included great versions of CCR’s “Born on The Bayou” & “Proud Mary”, Aerosmith’s “Mama Kin” and Stones “Time Waits for No One” & “Brown Sugar”

  7. Love Panic’s Chest Fever on the Band tribute album, the organ approach is a little more industrial than Garth’s original and the track rocks. While I’m not all that familiar with their catalog, Blue Indian is one of my all-time favorites.

    Thanks for this, first thing I thought was Johnny Ryall too
    I hear a little Leon Russel meets raw Zevon, great stuff.

  8. I am a big fan of this song and this record. David Bromberg showed me the way, back in my youth. Love the meddle of Irish Fiddle tunes too. A witty flat picker indeed.

  9. brian-

    live they do the organ intro a bit more theatric…still a way different tone than garth but more in that spirit.

    their version of ophelia is great too.

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