Stephen Malkmus/Blitzen Trapper :: Funk 49

Ahoy. Just returned to L.A. after a long weekend in Austin for the third annual Fun Fun Fun festivus, and, yes, as expected it was indeed “fun.” The vibe and atmosphere was very low-key compared to many a festival, and of course it all felt very Austin. It was also the last of the National’s planned performances according to what Matt Berninger said would be “a long time.” Appropriately, the band closed with “Mr. November.” High Five to the Transmission folks on a job well done on both the fest itself and the afterparties at the Mohawk (White Denim, per usual, killed.)

Friday night, someone told me about the above recent video of Stephen Malkmus and Blitzen Trapper nailing a cover of James Gang’s “Funk 49.” The next day I watched it three times in the hotel room. Malkmus goes off.

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2 thoughts on “Stephen Malkmus/Blitzen Trapper :: Funk 49

  1. Awesome!

    Saw SM & The Jicks and Blitzen Trapper just a few weeks ago, what a great show! SM & The Jicks were awesome, but Blitzen Trapper stole the show. It was the first time I’ve witnessed an opening act called back for an encore. They took a request and played “Not Your Lover” (apparently for the first time ever) – it was perfect.

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