Let’s Get The Show On The Road Again…

Inspired by the comments from last week's Sevens entry on David Bromberg's "Sharon," may we present "Let's Get The Show On The Road Again." A number of you noted that Widespread Panic covers "Sharon," and how the band have a long tradition of introducing interesting and varied covers to their live stable. Indeed they do. Over the past fourteen years I have seen the band cover artists as disparate as fIrehose, Talking Heads, The Meters, Bill Withers, Neil Young, Vic Chesnutt, Tom Waits, etc.

One track I most definitely have Panic to thank for turning me onto is Michael Stanley Band's "Let's Get The Show On The Road Again," a track that, after checking, the band has covered almost every year since 1985. Admittedly, I know virtually nothing about Michael Stanley (Cleveland's answer to Bob Seeger?), or his band, but the tune grabbed me over a decade ago after first hearing J.B. impart the opening lines. They sound both like an invitation and a warning. Lyrically, and instrumentally, the tune conveys a seedy, tired, and foreboding view of 1970s excess, success and easy hubris.

Also: Since we're on the subject, here's two tracks from one of my favorite wsp shows from April 3, 1996.


MP3: Michael Stanley Band :: Let's Get The Show On The Road Again

After the jump: Since we're on the subject; 2 tracks from wsp, April 3, 1996.

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