Vetiver :: More of The Past (EP)


Earlier this week Vetiver released More of The Past, a companion EP to their album of eclectic covers, Thing of The Past. Like the LP, here we find Andy Cabic mining his vinyl collection for nuggets to both reinvent and pay homage to. An interesting side note, this EP was originally intended to be released as a precursor to Thing of The Past as a teaser. Better late than never.

+ Vetiver’s cover of “See You Tonight,” below, plus the original.

Vetiver: Thing of The Past :: The Originals

Vetiver :: See You Tonight
MP3: The Wizards :: See You Tonight (original)

4 thoughts on “Vetiver :: More of The Past (EP)

  1. Very very cool. Any chance you can post the originals? The last post with the originals has been an itunes constant since I got em. Bobby Charles….dope, Garland Jeffries…..dope, Hawkwind…..dope. They were all great to be honest. Aquarium Drunkard……dope.

  2. more good stuff. can’t wait for the new album next year on sub pop.

    only disappointment is my favorite vetiver cover did not make either release: “long time to grow old” originally by great speckled bird (aka ian & sylvia)

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