Earlimart :: Aquarium Drunkard SIRIUS/XMU Session (October 2008)

Today, during the second hour of our SIRIUS/XM show, we aired the Aquarium Drunkard session we cut a few weeks ago with Earlimart at their studio, The Ship, here in L.A. in the Eagle Rock neighborhood. The group had just returned form touring behind their 2008 LP Hymn And Her and were exceptionally tight. For those unable to tune into the show, you can download the session and interview in its entirety below, plus grab a couple of the tracks as individual MP3s.

MP3: Earlimart :: Happy Alone (AD Session)
MP3: Earlimart :: Cigarettes And Kerosene (AD Session)

MP3: Earlimart :: AD Session Full (28 Minutes)
Amazon: Earlimart – Hymn And Her

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3 Responses to “Earlimart :: Aquarium Drunkard SIRIUS Session”

  1. Damn that’s a fine studio. So many guitars.

    I love the subtle Elliott Smith influence I hear in the video. Excellent.

  2. Nice post. I had enjoyed Treble & Tremble for awhile when it came out (04 or 05 I think) but had kind of forgotten about this band since then. Tracks here sound very good. I’ll have to revisit this band.

  3. These sound sweet. Need to check out the new earlimart.

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