This month marks the 40th anniversary of The Beatles White Album. Here’s some Footage from the 1968 sessions at Abbey Road and Trident studios. Check out Paul’s shoes.

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6 Responses to “The White Album Turns 40”

  1. big smiles from over here.

    my folks have the white album on vinyl and i remember being completely overwhelmed by it as a child. i was disappointed that ‘revolution 1’ was not the electric one i loved so much, but i have since gotten over that.

  2. Wow, my mom’s old. I too inherited the vynil version of it. What I love about this album is that it showcases everybody in the band almost equally (if not equally, at least more than before). It foreshadows all of their solo careers to come.
    Paul: back to basics.
    John: experimental.
    George: finally recognized as probably the best musician.
    Ringo: some odd cowboy/crooner hybrid.
    All of those seeds are planted on these four sides (vynil, remember).

  3. This is the third time I’ve read about this ‘White Album’ – It seems as though it might be worth checking out even 40 years after its release…..

  4. I took the bus to Pasadena just to buy this album; only a new album could have induced me to do something as decisive as that back in those daze! That’s True Love.
    Beatles r Love, now and forever!

  5. Do it White Silk. It is worth the extra cash for a double album. It has its disappointing moments like any album. The Beatles were not flawless musically, but this one is full of great moments. John was back with a rock and roll vengeance, George wrote some nice ones, serious and funny, and Paul was just all over the map showing what he was capable of when he refused to focus. Ringo sings a couple, his first of his own composition and one that John wrote which is a very nice lullabye. The album should have been called Helter Skelter because the music itself is very like a roller coaster. Very calm then very wild. All together its a great ride.

  6. I am 27, huge Beatles fan, if fan even describes the love I have. I beg to differ with Beatgirl, disappointing moments?! I defy you to name one!
    I will argue that this is the best album ever, with anyone, to the death. 🙂

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