Neil Young :: Chrome Dreams, Companion Tracks


As promised, here are the re-posted Chrome Dreams companion tracks from 2007. The following live & unreleased studio MP3s are a companion piece, of sorts, to the unreleased Chrome Dreams acetate bootleg posted here last week. The below video is of Neil with Crazyhorse, live at the Hammersmith Odeon, in London March 28, 1976, performing Like a Hurricane,” which was allegedly to have been the cornerstone track on Chrome Dreams. Without delving into super-obnoxious hyperbole, let’s just say that this performance has the ability to make your hair stand on end.

MP3: Neil Young :: River Of Pride (‘White Line’, Unreleased Studio Version, 27 NOV 1975)
MP3: Neil Young :: Campaigner (Unedited, Unreleased Studio Version, Summer 1976)
MP3: Neil Young :: No One Seems To Know (Live, Tokyo, Japan, 10 Mar 1976)
MP3: Neil Young :: Give Me Strength (Live, Chicago, IL, 15 Nov 1976)
MP3: Neil Young :: Peace Of Mind (Live, Chicago, IL, 15 Nov 1976)
MP3: Neil Young :: Human Highway (CSNY, Unreleased Studio Version, April 1976)
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Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: Like a Hurricane – 1976, Hammersmith Odeon, London, England

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12 thoughts on “Neil Young :: Chrome Dreams, Companion Tracks

  1. Just found this blog about a week ago. I must say I’m really enjoying it. Thanks from australia.

  2. I’m wet. Weeeeee! I was introduced to Neil Young in high school by a friend. Love everything of his from this era.

  3. Nice clip, I hadn’t seen that version of LaH. I can only imagine how peoples ears rang for days after that concert. I have seen some loud acts at the Odeon and I recall my ears ringing for a week after a Nugent concert. This had to be as loud.

  4. Great video–I think this is the same footage that was in “Year of the Horse”–where jarmusch cuts from the late 90’s crazy horse to the 70’s.

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