I grew up in Atlanta, and every Thanksgiving as far back as I can remember, one of the local FM radio stations would play “Alice’s Restaurant” in its entirety – all 18+ minutes of it – several times throughout the day. As traditions go, it was a fine one, and now in our fourth year, the song has become an AD Thanksgiving tradition, and will remain so for as long as the Drunkard is online.

Oh, and since it is Thanksgiving, many thanks to all of the constant readers and commenters who have shared their stories, insight, and knowledge during the past four years. I’m sure you all have some turkey leftovers to attend to, so download this track, listen closely, and feast away.

MP3: Arlo Guthrie :: Alice’s Restaurant Massacre
Amazon: Arlo Guthrie – Alice’s Restaurant

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13 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving :: Alice’s Restaurant”

  1. My local radio station back home does the same thing every year on Thanksgiving. I am living abroad at the moment so this will be a little bit of home. Thanks for the MP3 and the reminder 🙂

  2. Turkey time treat

  3. I remember the tradition. That was Z93, right?

  4. Many thanks to you too Justin, et al.
    All of your hard work, fantastic words, and unassailable taste is what keeps us constant readers and commenters coming back.

  5. My favourite American radio station WNCW in N Carolina still do this. I am listening to their annual broadcast of Alice’s Restaurant right now. My own TG missive is here – some recollections of a Brit abroad and a nice Dan Bern tune:
    Carnival Saloon: Happy Thanksgivingh

  6. love hearing this on the great KPIG every thanksgiving.

  7. In the spirit of the holiday, thanks to all of you who make this site such an amazing place to visit. I pop in several times a day to see what you all are up to. The LA Burnout mix posted a while back is still the best thing I’ve stumbled across in all my years of surfing the interweb. Heck, you’ve even managed to get me rethinking my lifelong aversion to Neil Young.

    Thanks very much. Keep up the great work.

    I’ll have to dust off my Dad’s old copy of Alice’s Restaurant when I’m visiting for the holidays.

  8. happy thanksgiving, everybody! enjoy the holiday and thanks AD for the music, words & the tickets!

  9. Indeed, I’m also thankful for Aquarium Drunkard and the heapin’ helpin’s of great jamz. Keep up the sickness.

  10. It might have been Z-93… Back when Atlanta radio was still half decent! 🙂

    Thanks for bringing back memories of driving to various family around the city on Thanksgiving!

  11. hah. A thanksgiving STAPLE. When I arrived at my mother’s house on thanksgiving and saw my brother-in-law sitting in the driveway i was confused… but then my sister let me know that he was merely listening to the last 8 minutes of Alice’s Restaurant.

    Oh, tradition.

  12. Thanks AD. Alice’s Restaurant traditions with me & Eddie go back almost 20 years. If you’re not me or Eddie, you won’t get the joke, but “Go Boro!”. |-)

  13. Happy Thanksgiving (even it be late :D)

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