Sufjan Stevens :: Songs For Christmas


Oh yes, December is here and it is that time of year again. While Sufjan Stevens has been pretty quiet of late, it would not surprise me if he decided to come out of seclusion to drop a couple of new Christmas nuggets on us. Regardless, the artist released a four-disc holiday box set, Songs For Christmas, in 2006 that is made up of both traditional Christmas fare and Sufjan originals. Below are four original tracks from the box.

MP3: Sufjan Stevens :: That Was the Worst Christmas Ever
MP3: Sufjan Stevens :: Sister Winter
MP3: Sufjan Stevens :: Ding Dong
MP3: Sufjan Stevens :: Come on! Let’s Boogie to the Elf Dance!
Amazon: Sufjan Stevens – Songs For Christmas (Box Set)

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7 thoughts on “Sufjan Stevens :: Songs For Christmas

  1. Listened to this whole thing for the first time yesturday and it is absolutely fantastic. Not the least bit cheesy or contrived. Sister Winter is a masterpiece.

  2. This is the release that made me realize Sufjan jumped the shark. It was so exciting to know the Christmas albums as a furtively downloaded secret, and only an emotional gargoyle would deny that some of the tracks are astoundingly beautiful.

    But with forty-eight Goddamn states to go, following an outtakes album with a Christmas box reeks to me of the worst kind of cop out: “cashing in on cuteness.”

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