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As we mentioned last month, Vetiver recently released the EP More of The Past, a follow-up and companion piece to their album of eclectic covers, Thing of The Past. As we did with the LP, here are some the originals, including Nils Lofgren’s early work with his short-lived, early ’70s band, Grin, and New England folkie Gordon Bok. (Anyone have the original version of “Before The Sun Goes Down”?)

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MP3: The Wizards :: See You Tonight
MP3: The Everly Brothers :: Hey Doll Baby
MP3: Grin :: Just To Have You
MP3: Gordon Bok :: Hills of Isle Au Haut

5 thoughts on “Vetiver :: More of The Past: The Originals

  1. Nils Lofgren’s an interesting cat. Played with Neal Young and Springsteen– as close as I can come to a similar career is Frampton backing Bowie. I have always thought that Nils’ solo stuff is under-rated, and the Grin sides, which were tough to find even when they were new, really deserved a wider audience. You’ll sometimes find “Gone Crazy” in the remainder bin; it is a worthwhile companion piece to “Tonight’s the Night”. I lost my copy of “All Out” years ago, and I’ve never even seen a copy of the first Grin album. “1+1” is a solid set that I recommend.

  2. This is why Aquarium Drunkard continues to be my favorite music blog. I listened to Things of the Past, More of The Past and the originals on a recent road trip and there couldn’t have been better soundtrack for the open road.

  3. Hi,

    It’s incredible how big Vetiver are becoming, and if anyone deserves it they certainly do. I think ‘Thing Of The Past’ & it’s new mate are largely responsible for this. Thanks so much for posting the original versions of the songs covered on those 2 Vetiver CDs, but I was surprised to find that the first collection of ‘Thing Of The Past’ originals is already kaput. It would be great if you could repost that now that ‘More Of The Past’ is out- I know many people (new Vetiver fans mostly) who were disappointed to find that first post no longer working.

    Thanks for the terrific blog!

  4. more brilliant stuff from Vetiver…. seen em a lot coming from SF before moving to the South (of California), but they are still the best out there…. no new stuff with these cover albums just means the Sub Pop album is gonna DESTROY….

    BUTBUT BUT I cant believe my favorite Vetiver cover did not make these two comp’s: “Long Tim to Grow Old” originally by Great Speckled Bird (aka Ian & Sylvia + the band Hungry Chuck at Bearsville)…… Still remember the first time i heard Vetiver play that on the min tour with Espers…. good shit….. hope they get big because they deserve it and that dude is one of the greatest songwriters out there today….


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