I (as I suspect many of you reading) discovered The Nerves via Blondie’s cover of the seminal power-pop group’s “Hanging On The Telephone.” Years later I took a guitar/songwriting workshop with Peter Case, here in L.A. at McCabes, and every once in awhile he would drop a morsel or two about his days with the Nerves/Plimsouls. Always unexpected, and always interesting.

Last month Alive Records released the album One Way Ticket. The collection compiles not only the Nerves self-titled EP and various demos, live tracks, and photos but also notes penned by Case who went on to found the Plimsouls before embarking on an acclaimed (if underrated) solo career.

Note: Cat Power also does an interesting version of “Hanging On The Telephone” worth seeking out.


MP3: The Nerves :: Hanging On The Telephone

MP3: Blondie :: Hanging On The Telephone (cover)
Amazon: The Nerves – One Way Ticket

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6 Responses to “The Nerves :: One Way Ticket”

  1. I’ve always loved Blondie’s version and knew it was a cover, but had never heard the Nerves’ original. I am falling in love with this song all over again.

  2. damn The Nerves were good. they did a great job with this reissue. i was afraid that the only releasable tracks were on the vinyl 10″ reissue (that i want to say Munster records put out) from few years back. the “many roads to follow” track included on this release is a particularly good one that i’d never heard before.

  3. I’m with J. Neas on this one–cover-aware, but had never heard the original. Needless to say, it’s the jam. Both versions are great.

  4. I’m in the same boat as both J’s. Absolutely love this track. Here’s hoping my tips from work tomorrow will cover a bus ticket downtown and a copy of One Way Ticket on the weekend.

  5. He, you are all right ! Great tracks, great band ! But why didn´t they put out the Jack Lee album, which contained some more great songs by him ?

  6. I discovered The Nerves via The Beat (US). The Beat (aka Paul Collins Beat) picked up were The Nerves left off and then took it to another level. Definitely check them out.

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