BBC Television Studios, London, England – February 23, 1971


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14 Responses to “Neil Young :: Don’t Let it Bring You Down (Live ’71)”

  1. aw man, i was sure you’d already have this concert. it was repeated on BBC4 the other week and I could have done an audio rip of the whole thing – it’s pretty amazing throughout.

  2. WOW is right! After The Goldrush was the album that introduced me to Neil way, way back when, and continues to be one of my favorites. Love this song!

  3. I’m burning a lot of the Neil stuff from here to disc for my dad. I remember being first exposed to Neil Young when he was all over MTV criticizing Steve Winwood et al for selling out to the beer companies (This Note’s For You). Ever since, I’ve been digging deeper and deeper into his catalog. After the Gold Rush really turned me into a Neil fan, that and my dad’s old LP of Everybody Knows This is Nowhere. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Steve, I have the show in MP3 format, but had never seen the video quality this good (youtube has this same clip and others in far inferior quality).

  5. Great stuff! Thanks for putting that up!

  6. Thank you for the early Xmas present!–SUPERB!

  7. Nice post. Thank you for the info. Keep it up.

  8. As a good friend used to say – “Jesus fuck, that’s amazing”. Thanks once again AD.

  9. really similar to the recording on 4 Way Street. Has anyone ever gotten more sound out of strumming chords on a Martin than Neil? Classic.

  10. Incredible. Unfortunately, this was not on the set list last night in Auburn Hills, MI. Nonetheless, it was a spectacular show.

  11. VH1 Classic aired the entire show last year or so…you should check out the version of “Out On The Weekend”…inspiring.
    Here’s the whole show on google:

  12. Hey Ottscay, I was at the Auburn Hills show, too. Hell of a version of Hey Hey My My, no?

  13. Neil’s a bit pitchy but nontheless a great song and perfomance. What is castle springs?

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