blow up 1966Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni’s film Blow Up, from 1966, left a lasting impression on me. Its depiction of mod-cool, sixties London, is aesthetically on point throughout its entirety — and that’s not even taking in consideration the actual (murder mystery) plot, which itself is both meandering (in the style of sixties art-house) and engrossing.

The Music: The majority of the film is scored by Herbie Hancock, which, while appropriate, pales in comparison to The Yardbirds segment in which a young Jimmy Page plays on while while watching bandmate, Jeff Beck, frustrated with amp feedback, destroy his guitar in the middle of a performance. This is the second time I have posted this video on the Drunkard. It is sixties London, blues based, garage at its best. It is also The Yardbirds finest incarnation.

The Yardbirds :: Stroll On
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6 Responses to “The Yardbirds :: Stroll On (From Blow Up – 1966)”

  1. The feedback scene is funny; totally ridiculous. A semi-hollowbody guitar would howl like crazy (and Jeff Beck never played them). Funny thing is there is no feedback, just crackle from the amplifier. 2nd funny thing: The douchbag leaves the club with the guitar neck, then disposes of it on the sidewalk. Oh to have that guitar neck!!

  2. Not having seen the movie, what was the whole point of that scene? The crowd seemed rather uninterested until he threw the guitar neck out there. Also the song is actually the classic “Train Kept A-Rollin” with different lyrics.

  3. @ aburch – yup, thats the song. so the above scene is soooo out of context for the film in just the way many scenes in late sixties/seventies films were.

  4. well, i think it’s time i finally see blow-up.

    my favourite band-in-film appearance has to be nick cave & the bad seeds in wings of desire. so great.

  5. […] Jarman’s 1977 punk movie ‘Jubilee’, contributing this song, later released as a single. 3: Stroll On by The Yardbirds: From the 1966 film ‘Blow Up’, about a photographer who thinks he witnesses a murder in a park […]

  6. As everyone else I had assumed both Page and Beck shared lead guitar solos on Stroll On.The first lead sounds like Beck,the strong rhythm part has his signature vibe.I had assumed Page then took over in mid lead break.The truth is………Beck played everything on this song and edged Jimmmy out completely!Page himself was quoted in a interview I read regarding this.

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