Neil Young :: Live @ Canterbury House 1968


Sugar Mountain, the third live release in anticipation of Neil Young’s forthcoming Blu-Ray/DVD archives project, finds the bard at the University of Michigan, aged 23, soon after Buffalo Springfield’s inevitable split. One of Young’s earliest known (recorded) solo performances, the set exemplifies the singer-songwriters preternatural talent both in the material and delivery.

While the acoustic performances (many of which appear on the self-titled solo debut) feel as effortless and professional as ever, it is the between song banter that, in retrospect, proves a fascinating look at the artist as a young man. At times goofy, at times nervous, Young cracks bad jokes and anecdotes — all endearing — easily winning the audience over. The banter, in stark contrast to the material, adds a sense of levity to the set long before he introduces “Winterlong” as his “happy” song. The disc is an excellent appetizer — now bring on those archives, Neil.

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8 thoughts on “Neil Young :: Live @ Canterbury House 1968

  1. Tech question (and possibly a stupid one): Assuming Neil’s “Archives” ever comes out — on vinyl, Blu-Ray/DVD, DAT, 8-track, or whatever non-CD format he loves that week — how does one transfer that to an MP3 file? I’m unfamiliar with the process, and have no desire to sit around listening to Neil only at home and only through my Blu-Ray player. Thanks.

  2. does anyone remember an album i believe was called through the past…darkly? double vinyl with springfield and csny

  3. “through the past, darkly” is in fact the name of a rolling stones compilation double album released in 1969 and dedicated to Brian Jones (it came out shortly after his death).

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