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While AD opted for a limited 2008 year-end wrap up, I can assure you that, had we each listed our top twenty LPs of the year, Women’s self-titled debut would have most definitely made the bottom half of the list. Comprised of Chad VanGaaalen, again toiling away in his Calgary basement both alone and with the band, Women juxtaposes various genres, side by side, while equally melding them together under a blanket of careful distortion, tape hiss, and inventive arrangements.   Fans of ’80s/early ’90s indie will especially want to give this a listen as it works both the psych angle as well as the experimental guitar rock that dominated the, then, underground zeitgeist.

Speaking of VanGaaalen, next to his 2005 album, Infiniheart, 2008 saw the Sub Pop troubadour release my favorite album of his yet, Soft Airplane. A lo-fi bouillabaisse, the LP again begs the question “how does VanGaalen continue to remain in relative obscurity?” With many an accolade for both Soft Airplane and Women, ’09 could be the year the artist expands his existing, rabid, fanbase. Simply a brilliant songwriter and producer.

MP3: Women :: Black Rice
MP3: Women :: Group Transport Hall

Chad VanGaalen :: Willow Tree
Chad VanGaalen :: City of Electric Light
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8 thoughts on “Women / Soft Airplane

  1. Having listened to both, I loved VanGaalen’s Soft Airplane. But I was mesmerized by Women’s debut album. It is wonderfully lo-fi and, as previously mentioned, reminiscent of late 80s and early 90s indie, but refreshed and updated for 2008/2009. Women’s self-titled debut definitely garnered consideration for any top 10 lists of the best albums of 2008.

  2. nice to see some love for chad on the drunkard. ‘soft airplane’ was my favourite album of last year. does anyone agree that it is the first time that chad actually put together an album, as opposed to a collection of songs?

    if flemish eye keeps it up they’ll be giving blue fog recordings a run as my favourite canadian label. the now defunct three gut records will always have a place in my heart.

    i’ve been loving a handful of women tracks for a few months, but haven’t picked up the album just yet.

  3. great. Soft Airplane was my “album of 2008”. Neil Young meets Thurston Moore meets John Cage. I’ve had the honour to interview the multi-talented Canadian too: interesting, friendly loner. Hope he will totally break through this year!

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