Having garnered a good bit of praise for their 2007 LP War Elephant (which was then re-released in ’08), Deer Tick kick off the new year issuing a free MP3; a cover of Paul Simon’s “Still Crazy After All These Years” off his 1975, Phil Ramone produced, album of the same name. True to form, the Brooklyn transplants strip away some of the original schmaltz leaving the bare essentials of the song intact. The results (thumbs up, guys) feel like what Simon’s own demo may have sounded like prior to the addition of the thick studio production.

Stay Tuned for a follow-up to War Elephant later this year.

MP3: Deer Tick :: Still Crazy After All These Years
Amazon: Paul Simon – Still Crazy After All These Years

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8 Responses to “Deer Tick :: Still Crazy After All These Years”

  1. Nice! Looking forward to their follow up. Enjoyed some of the tracks off of Elephant (Ashamed, Art Isn’t Real, Baltimore Blues) but thought there were a few that could have been left off the final mix.

  2. I saw Deer Tick sometime last year at a small venue in Boston. Mr. McCauley kicked off the evening with a brilliant and endlessly entertaining a cappella version of Tony Bennett’s (via Cory/Cross) “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” while bassist, Chris Ryan took a leak.

    They also do a great version of Buddy Holly’s “All My Love All My Kisses.”

    Deer Tick are definitely a band with a knack for solid covers.


  3. Great cover. Hadn’t heard that yet. I was late to the fandom on this guy, but am really enjoying it since grabbing it a couple weeks ago.

  4. i like this.

  5. Love Deer Tick. I have constant problems with the Yahoo player, though. Any tips? It seems to just run through a songlist and then tells me it can’t be played “at this time”. Help!

  6. Good god, this is a sweet cover. If you are looking for another great Paul Simon cover, Delta Spirit does an awesome cover of Duncan on their Daytrotter session.

  7. As three-fourths of the band members live in Providence, the term Brooklyn transplants is mostly incorrect.

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