Sure, John Lennon’s original is precious in its own right, but as I’ve stated on these pages in the past, for me the definitive version of “Jealous Guy” is the soul-drenched Donny Hathaway cover off his very much essential 1972 live album. Note: If you’ve not made that album a part of your life, you may wanna close this page right now and get on it.

While traveling over the holidays I had a major Faces jones and, sadly, did not have their indispensable box set, Five Guys Walk into a Bar, burned onto my laptop. Hence, I had to settle for some youtube vids. Upon returning to L.A. I very much remedied this and am happy to report that Ronnie Wood and the lads have been getting a serious work out the past two weeks. While I’m generally not a staunch advocate of the box set in lieu of individual LPs, when done right, they can provide an excellent alternate view of a bands career. Five Guys does just this, as it comes with a healthy amount of previously unreleased material including the Faces cover of “Jealous Guy;” a track that was apparently considered for release on the band’s album, Long Player, before reconsidering.

Like everything the Faces put their stamp on, the track rolls with a swagger — all barrelhouse piano and Stewart’s gravelly croon. And how about that rumored ’09 reunion?

MP3: Faces :: Jealous Guy (John Lennon cover)

MP3: Donny Hathaway :: Jealous Guy
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15 Responses to “The Faces :: Jealous Guy (Outtake/Long Player)”

  1. Man, I love me some Faces. People always look at me like I’m totally insane when I tell them that Rod Stewart used to be cool and that the Faces are essential rock n roll.

    Also? This is why I love your guys’s site over other music blogs – a healthy dose of the old shit.

  2. A Faces reunion sounds great, but without Ronnie Lane, how is it really the same?

  3. Lil Jimmy Scott’s version


  4. marvelous. gotta get both of these!!

  5. In spite of the fact I am not a Rod Stewart fan, I have enjoyed the Faces catalog (what little I’ve heard). I also have not listened to much Donny Hathaway (I’ve concentrated on newer music and used to think of him as the guy who sang with Roberta Flack – recently I’ve learned that Donny was pretty funky in his early days) but I’ve started gaining interest in his music after reading an interview on Pitchfork with Justin Vernon, who gave Hathaway accolades. I will have to get the Donny Hathaway Live album, as I am fan of ultra-funky music.

  6. I think they should stop letting old rock bands have reunions unless at least one member is missing.

    Ideally all but one member will not be part of the reunion tour. If this happened we could have so much fake outrage and/or reunion tours would just become irrelevant.

    As Bruce Springsteen said, “You can’t start a scene without ending it first,” or was did he say, “can’t start a fire without a spark?” Oh right, it was the latter, the former was me.


  7. Why do you suppose they would tour without Tetsu?

  8. I think it’s the old timey piano that makes both of them work really well. It gives the songs a much lighter feel then the original.

  9. I recently read that the reunion was off…arguments with Rod over money. Plus, he reportedly wanted the amps to be beneath the stage. (Apparently that’s how he does it now.)

  10. V +++ g REa T +++ V

  11. chicken’s version (a little darker than these two versions):


  12. I love Donny’s version even more than Lennon’s, thanks for posting it to remind to pull out that record …

  13. While I enjoyed both versions of “Jealous Guy” (piano on Faces version is great – in a cheesy way), Hathaway’s really struck me. Hathaway oozes massive quantities of soul and funk that his music captivates. The guy was amazing.

  14. coincidentally just posted Marissa Nadler’s recent cover of “jealous guy.” interesting to hear it from a woman’s perspective.


  15. […] if the Faces did decide to reconvene, it would disrupt the solo career of not just Rod Stewart. Ronnie Wood – arguably the highest profile musician after Stewart in his post-Faces work – has […]

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