Alaska! aside, the last time I wrote about Imaad Wasif was just prior to the release of his 2006, self-titled, solo debut. Released on Kill Rock Stars, the LP’s press bio offered the following caveat: “(the album) is meant for the late night vibe or the early morning fear” — which proved to be exceptionally accurate. A mellow listen, Wasif’s debut is comprised of (mostly) acoustic tales rife with songs concerning isolation, coming down and paranoia. The kind of stuff that made perfect sense for Wasif’s inclusion on the 2006 Sound And The Hare Heard folk compilation. But that was then, and this is now.

While I slept on Wasif’s proper follow up, Strange Hexes, until the Fall of last year – I have very much been making amends the past few months. Abandoning the folk and re-embracing his guitar, Wasif and Two Part Beast channel their inner Crazyhorse throughout the album’s 48 minutes.

Wasif fans should note that for Strange Hexes took part in the Topspin subscription model — meaning fans can either download the LP proper or for an additional 10 bucks get the member deal. The latter hooks you up with the album’s outtakes and acoustic demos.

MP3: Imaad Wasif :: Halcyon
MP3: Imaad Wasif :: Out In Black (from the s/t debut)
Purchase: Imaad Wasif w/ Two Part Beast – Strange Hexes

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Imaad Wasif w/ Two Part Beast – Unveiling, Cake Shop – NYC , July 18 2008

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  1. If Neil Young had an indie rock style and a different voice, he would be virtually identical to Imaad Wasif. Wasif’s oeuvre evokes Young on his albums with Crazy Horse, in addition to his stellar album, On The Beach.

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