The Jam break shit down in ’82 covering Curtis Mayfield’s “Move On Up.” Dig.

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17 Responses to “The Jam :: Move On Up (Curtis Mayfield Cover)”

  1. I actually believe this is from the Rosetta Stone series “Learning German with The Jam” no longer available at malls or on the back of SkyMall magazine.

  2. I have not listened to the Jam’s version yet, but Curtis Mayfield’s is a phenomenal, soul-drenched stunner.

  3. Probably the best Curtis Mayfield cover I’ve ever heard (though I do enjoy Fishbone’s Freddie’s Dead). Hell this is probably one of the best covers of anybody. Ever

  4. Anybody heard the Live Curtis version from the early 70’s retitled Were A Winner?

  5. This appears to be right around the time the Jam began to drift apart, Weller was putting more and more soul into his music and the rest of the band were punk driven. I still listen to Weller and the other two are now touring in the Jam cover band. If you haven’t heard a lot of Paul Weller I highly recommend Catch Flame a live album he did a few years back. His new one (21 Dreams) is also on the list, the guy did three nights at MSG in 08, one night dedicated to the Jam, one night of The Style Council and the third night a mix of both. Give him a listen, greatly underappreciated stateside.

  6. righteous.

  7. The studio version was from the 1982 “Beat Surrender” EP, which was pretty much their last release while still together. There was also a live release from 1993’s post-splitup release cleverly titled “Live Jam.”

  8. I love the Jam, but this is really tragic. Pasty English guys should really just leave Curtis Mayfield alone.

  9. On the inverse tip: Has anyone heard Baby Charles’ cover of the Arctic Monkeys’ “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor?” Since I’ve always felt that the Monkeys were the best current channeler of the Jam’s sound and style, it’s almost like an infinite loop that brings it all back to Mayfield. If you haven’t heard Baby Charles, think a bit dirtier version of Sharon Jones/Dap Kings.

  10. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings but funkier? I’ll have to check that out. Though I don’t know much about The Jam (besides that I heard former member Paul Weller’s 2008 album, 22 Dreams, was quite good), I do agree with comment #8. Mayfield’s version was so spectacular that any altering of it might result in its eminent destruction. No one should ruin perfection.

  11. Funky, I think what makes this version rock is that it’s a really true-to-form cover, it’s not a reinvention or a reworking, it’s just a straight ahead rocker. Like how they covered the Batman Theme, The Jam joined in a great tradition of rock bands (especially Brits) covering great soul and funk works.

    Mayfield was also one of the few great soul/funk lead singers of his generation to rock out on the guitar, and this version by The Jam, to me, feels like an even morethan original up-tempo version.

  12. Weller just looks so excited to have captured the energy of the original, with not a little help from the horns. The Jam really are one of the great (cover) bands. Their version of the Kinks’ “David Watts” is just one of the funniest covers ever. Oi!
    As for “Move on Up”, I still prefer the Flying Lizards’ cover on the Nouvelle Vague comp, even if it is a reworking.

  13. The Jam are shit. Mods? Fuck off.

  14. Now that I actually listened to [part of – I was low on time] The Jam’s version of Move On Up, I see why it drew raves from others. While I still prefer Mayfield’s version, The Jam’s is perfectly acceptable in every way, and I was especially impressed with the sax and trumpet – an unexpected delight.

  15. Matt, I think you meant to say The Jam are THE shit. Then I’ll agree with you.
    While I’m a bigger fan of the early Jam, up through and including All Mod Cons, I dig the later, soulful Weller infusion into the Jam’s music. I really like Move on Up, a version of which is also on the Jam outtakes CD.

  16. I have to give Weller credit…as much as he broke my heart when he broke up The Jam, I now have to admit he was write. The Jam never sucked because they didn’t exist long enough to get bad.

  17. One helluva great cover…check out my recent post about the original Mr. Mayfield, the other epic track from his first album, “Curtis” and that new series that features it, “The Deuce”!

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