An Evening With :: Jim James/M Ward/Conor Oberst


February 20, 2004, Pantages Theatre – Minneapolis, MN

MP3: M. Ward :: Fuel For Fire
MP3: M. Ward :: Duet For Guitars #3
MP3: M. Ward :: Let’s Dance
MP3: M. Ward :: Undertaker
MP3: M. Ward :: Helicopter
MP3: M. Ward :: O’Brien/O’Brien’s Nocturne
MP3: M. Ward :: Vincent O’Brien
MP3: M. Ward :: Outta My Head
MP3: Jim James :: One In The Same
MP3: Jim James :: Like It Should
MP3: Jim James :: I Can’t Wait
MP3: Jim James :: Where To Begin
MP3: Jim James :: How Could I Know
MP3: Jim James :: The Bear
MP3: Jim James :: Bermuda Highway
MP3: Jim James :: Golden (w/ Mike Mogis)

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MP3: Conor Oberst :: Train Under Water
MP3: Conor Oberst :: Going For The Gold
MP3: Conor Oberst :: Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Mom
MP3: Conor Oberst :: A Celebration Upon Completion
MP3: Conor Oberst :: We Are Nowhere And It’s Now
MP3: Conor Oberst :: One Foot In Front of The Other
MP3: Conor Oberst :: Lua
MP3: Conor Oberst :: Waster of Paint
MP3: Jim James, M Ward & Conor Oberst :: Seashell Tale
MP3: Jim James, M Ward & Conor Oberst :: Always On My Mind
MP3: Jim James, M Ward & Conor Oberst :: Laura Laurent
MP3: Jim James, M Ward & Conor Oberst :: At Dawn
MP3: Jim James, M Ward & Conor Oberst :: At The Bottom of Everything
MP3: Jim James, M Ward & Conor Oberst :: Girl From The North Country

23 thoughts on “An Evening With :: Jim James/M Ward/Conor Oberst

  1. I saw them on this tour when they made a stop up here in Vermont. It was epic.

    Does anyone out there have a recording of that show?

  2. I saw this show two days later in Pittsburgh, and it also was epic. I wish I could find a recording of that show.

  3. ah man. I just got back from Nebraska for a funeral. This is a nice relaxing way to recoup. Thanks for posting this and all things you do. I picked up a vinyl copy of Nash’s Songs for beginners,thanks for that as well.

  4. Please, someone help a technologically illiterate man out. How do I download from this site in hardcopy? I want this show so terribly bad…

  5. And by the way, One Foot in Front of the Other… this is a great GREAT performance of that song. Really loving it. Usually when I hear those songs that featured Emmylou, without Emmylou, it’s a bit less good than the album version but this is great.

    Going to post back to this show and feature a song in a podcast maybe…
    Hoping you will come visit my site.

    Thank you for this.

  6. I also am confused on whether it is possible to download this show?

    The quality is good and I’d love to have a hard copy.

    Please advise.


  7. I know I’m a little late on this post, but I can’t play or DL the songs either. Please let me know if I can get a copy of this show, PLEASE!!! Thx…

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