February 20, 2004, Pantages Theatre – Minneapolis, MN

MP3: M. Ward :: Fuel For Fire
MP3: M. Ward :: Duet For Guitars #3
MP3: M. Ward :: Let’s Dance
MP3: M. Ward :: Undertaker
MP3: M. Ward :: Helicopter
MP3: M. Ward :: O’Brien/O’Brien’s Nocturne
MP3: M. Ward :: Vincent O’Brien
MP3: M. Ward :: Outta My Head
MP3: Jim James :: One In The Same
MP3: Jim James :: Like It Should
MP3: Jim James :: I Can’t Wait
MP3: Jim James :: Where To Begin
MP3: Jim James :: How Could I Know
MP3: Jim James :: The Bear
MP3: Jim James :: Bermuda Highway
MP3: Jim James :: Golden (w/ Mike Mogis)

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MP3: Conor Oberst :: Train Under Water
MP3: Conor Oberst :: Going For The Gold
MP3: Conor Oberst :: Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Mom
MP3: Conor Oberst :: A Celebration Upon Completion
MP3: Conor Oberst :: We Are Nowhere And It’s Now
MP3: Conor Oberst :: One Foot In Front of The Other
MP3: Conor Oberst :: Lua
MP3: Conor Oberst :: Waster of Paint
MP3: Jim James, M Ward & Conor Oberst :: Seashell Tale
MP3: Jim James, M Ward & Conor Oberst :: Always On My Mind
MP3: Jim James, M Ward & Conor Oberst :: Laura Laurent
MP3: Jim James, M Ward & Conor Oberst :: At Dawn
MP3: Jim James, M Ward & Conor Oberst :: At The Bottom of Everything
MP3: Jim James, M Ward & Conor Oberst :: Girl From The North Country

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23 Responses to “An Evening With :: Jim James/M Ward/Conor Oberst”

  1. i hope to be present at a show this cool someday.

  2. gracias!

  3. I saw them on this tour when they made a stop up here in Vermont. It was epic.

    Does anyone out there have a recording of that show?

  4. I saw this show two days later in Pittsburgh, and it also was epic. I wish I could find a recording of that show.

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  7. Thanks for this! THis is such a great copy. There are very few recordings from this INSANE tour.

  8. “The monsters of Folk tour” is what Jim James called it in San Diego.

    Great show

  9. I love their cover of always on my mind.

  10. ah man. I just got back from Nebraska for a funeral. This is a nice relaxing way to recoup. Thanks for posting this and all things you do. I picked up a vinyl copy of Nash’s Songs for beginners,thanks for that as well.

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  12. Please, someone help a technologically illiterate man out. How do I download from this site in hardcopy? I want this show so terribly bad…

  13. […] Aquarium Drunkard has a show from 2004 of M. Ward, Conor Oberst, and Jim James, recorded live at Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis. Peep it here. […]

  14. […] me las encontré en mysweeteheart, que a su vez las tomaron de la que parece su fuente principal: Acuarium Drunkard. Presicamente desde esa pagína pueden escuchar y/o descarcargar las canciones. Son muchas y en la […]

  15. […] “At the Bottom of Everything,” topped off with Jim James and M.Ward and guests.  The rest of the show can be downloaded from the Aquarium Drunkard site. Big up’s to them! […]

  16. It’s called Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Man… not mom.

  17. And by the way, One Foot in Front of the Other… this is a great GREAT performance of that song. Really loving it. Usually when I hear those songs that featured Emmylou, without Emmylou, it’s a bit less good than the album version but this is great.

    Going to post back to this show and feature a song in a podcast maybe…
    Hoping you will come visit my site.

    Thank you for this.

  18. I also am confused on whether it is possible to download this show?

    The quality is good and I’d love to have a hard copy.

    Please advise.


  19. I know I’m a little late on this post, but I can’t play or DL the songs either. Please let me know if I can get a copy of this show, PLEASE!!! Thx…

  20. What the fellow above me said, somebody Rapidshare it please.

  21. tracks are only avail for 14 days

  22. can some please reup this somewhere? THANKS!

  23. yes, yes: please reup! would be lovely of you! will send good karma waves asap.

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