Linda obviously looks good, but Paul’s beard/mullet combination is ace. I still have yet to see the latest addition to the Bond franchise (though, really, it doesn’t look like I’m missing that much). Back in the sixties and seventies, the film’s franchise produced some great companion soundtrack compostions (“You Only Live Twice,” and “Live And Let Die” immediately come to mind). I’ve been on a huge Post-Beatles, mostly pre-Wings, McCartney kick of late, and you’ll all find out why soon enough. For now, I leave you with “Live And Let Die.” And let’s just pretend that whole Axl thing never happened.

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21 Responses to “Live And Let Die…”

  1. Ironic that you post this, as Live and Let Die came up on Pandora last night. Haven’t listened to McCartney for a while – will have to check him out again (as soon as I download his album Ram).

  2. Just found your blog through the Face Book Networked Blogs app, very nice! LOVE Paul and the Beatles since forever.

  3. What? You don’t like Axl’s version? It wasn’t that bad. But Paul still owns it.

  4. Linda does look good. On the left pic she resembles Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights, that’s a good thing.

  5. I was gonna say Rebecca Mader, who plays Charlotte on Lost, but I see the Tami Taylor resemblance too.

  6. How about a post on the first McCartney album? I have been into it recently and I’m so surprised at the sloppiness of it (and that’s a refreshing thing). For such a control maniac when he was with the Beatles, it’s really a great mess. And it has Junk…love that song…and Maybe I’m Amazed (great guitar solo)….and also some crap, but who cares…

  7. @ Alejandro – I “think” I wrote about “Every Night” on here a couple years ago. But, yes, that is one of my absolute faves. I love it for it sloppiness. Self-recorded/produced on a 4 track at his farm in Scotland.

  8. I love 70s era Paul McCartney! RAM is one of my all time favorite albums.

  9. McCartney’s music in the 70s was nothing spectacular (yes, I will admit that Let ‘Em In is my favorite McCartney song for no particular reason), but I will attest that McCartney and Ram were both excellent. I (personally) believe that McCartney reached his peak of ultimate creativity in 1971, as the successors to Ram lacked stellar content.

  10. I hope you mean the album Ram….everyone should have that. so amazing

  11. I second the OCMD on the RAM love. Such a warm, wonderful album.

  12. Thanks for posting this clip. When I was 14 and living in small town Pennsylvania I came to LA to visit my cool Aunt who was working in the music business. Among many other fun adventures, going to see Live and Let Die at Grumman’s Chinese Theater. It was just so much cooler than picking peaches in a PA orchard at 50 cents an hour like my friends were doing that year.

  13. Linda does not get nearly enough credit for how hot she was! I also read a Paul interview where he said the bridge for “Live and Let Die” (…the ”’what does it matter to you’ bit…) was written by Linda. That is a pretty good bit!

  14. Not to divert the conversation, because McCartney is pretty awesome, but the new Bond was pretty darn good too. It’s not like the other Bond flicks, though. Knowing that it’s a good action flick. Certainly worth a rental.

  15. Axl’s version is better

  16. Quantum of Solace was great. Not as great as Casino Royale perhaps, but it lacked the surprise factor: we all knew Daniel Craig’s bone in Quantum…in Casino he came out of nowhere.

    Live and Let Die is a definite classic from my childhood. McCartney in the 70s was something to behold. That said I saw some movie last year and they showed the video from his new album before the movie and…blurg! So bad.

    I have this theory about aging British rock stars they no matter how interesting or talented they are, they all eventually become Phil Collins. I mean…Face Value was a strong album, and In The Air Tonight was brilliant but good god man by the time you get to No Jacket Required Phil was just…a shadow.

    Sting’s first two solo albums were brilliant, and the third remained quite good. The fourth…Ten Summoner’s Tales…was a definite sign that Sting was becoming Phil Collins. The Lazarus Heart from Nothing Like the Sun was just an amazing tune.

    I don’t know what it is with these people.

    As further proof of the theory, I’ll name one aging British rock star who is NOT becoming Phil Collins..Peter Gabriel. Peter, of course, fled from Phil when he left Genesis and hasn’t looked back since. Simply brilliant.

    Those early Genesis albums were also brilliant, at least until Genesis (naturally) became…Phil Collins.

    It’s sad that Paul McCartney’s become Phil Collins. He could have been Peter Gabriel instead. I’m sadder about Sting though. That’s an immense talent to waste.

  17. Robert Plant has gone from being a Viking god to being Phil Collins with his entire solo career as well.

  18. So I had to comment on both your subtle hint about your feelings towards the music in the recent “Bond” film and the reply by Pete

    The music for the “Quantum of Solace” was good. David Arnold has done the franchise well. The movie, itself, was terrible. As for the all-important theme song: I never gave much thought to Jack White or Alicia Keys before this, though I feel I probably should after hearing their composition for the newest “Bond” film. The White Stripes have certainly entertained me, but I’ve never given them anything more than a nod for creating some exceptionally creative music. I never imagined that someone there was capable of such complexity. On the other hand, Alicia Keys has never enjoyed anything more than a name-drop in my ears. I ignorantly suspect she added no more than a voice (albeit a damn good one) to Jack White’s composition. I stand correctable.

    As for the movie: it was terrible. (It think that’s worth repeating). All the promise that “Casino Royale” placed upon turning the franchise into a contemporarily viable product was lost. This is not a movie site, so I’ll stop there.

  19. Edit: not Pete. Darcy. I wanted to comment on the reply by Darcy. Apologies.

  20. One of Paul’s B-sides from this period called “Oh Woman, Oh Why” is one of my most favorite songs, ever.

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