In 2006 I spent a good bit of time with Dogme 95’s debut LP, Arcadian Hyms. Thanks to a 100 gb hard drive and iTunes shuffle I was recently reminded of its lo-fi charms; i.e. the unlikely intersection of cheap Casio keyboards, fake beats, and backwoods pentecostal freakouts. The kind of unholy union found inside cheap, faded, comic books, warehouse shows, ironic hesher house parties and student art films. This is the stuff of make-shift time travel, snake handlings, handclaps, drum machines, bedroom humidity and kitchen sink bouillabaisse. Ramshackle, yes, but in the best way (think Beck Hansen’s K Records output.)

The LP was originally released as a digipack via the, I’m assuming, now defunct Mission Label out of Chicago, though I noticed some copies are listed on eBay. Oddly, it is not available through iTunes, eMusic or the other usual digital haunts. Happy hunting.

MP3: Dogme 95 :: Summon My Baptist Ways
MP3: Dogme 95 :: Kingdom/Garden
MP3: Dogme 95 :: Calm & Tame
MP3: Dogme 95 :: Ocean Floor

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3 Responses to “Summon My Baptist Ways”

  1. Thank you… this is great stuff.

  2. Ha! I remember this album and have a copy as well! I really liked the song Salty Air which was on the previous Dogme release. I also remember Mission sent a compilation with the two Dogme discs that included some decent material.

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