Ah yes, Neil in the early ’80s. An interesting, if often ignored, era in the artist’s four decade career. If you’ve read Shakey (and really, any card-carrying Neil Young fan should) you’re aware the first half of the decade was rife with random experimentation and exploration — the majority of which was considerably underwhelming (although there are some gems in to be found in the mix). The Ronald Reagan endorsing Neil Young of the day, seemingly chasing his muse, released a disparate lot of music during this time including, but not limited to, a collection of ’50s rockabilly inspired tunes (Everybody’s Rockin’), vocoder laced, synthy, Tron jams (Trans), and the, at times frustrating, 1985 straight-country album Old Ways (which based on the guest personnel should have been nothing short of amazing).

In addition to music, Young, under the guise of his alter-ego Bernard Shakey, co-directed the gonzo comedy film Human Highway enlisting a number of his friends including Dean Stockwell and Dennis Hopper (who would soon team up for David Lynch’s opus Blue Velvet). The film “stars” Devo whom Young reportedly had developed a musical infatuation with the previous year. The following clip from the film is Young performing “Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)” with the band. Thanks to Tim for the vid.

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14 Responses to “Neil Young & Devo :: Hey Hey, My My (1982)”

  1. I hate it
    I love it
    I hate it
    I love it

    I can see why their SF shows were legendary, they really got Neil’s dander up. Is the singer a child or a really small woman, or a midget? I don’t know my Devo.

  2. this is freaking my shit out man

  3. Hey Justin the whole movie is available at Google videos you can even download it there.

  4. Wow, I’d kill to get a decent mp3 of this. AMAZING, I want to see the whole movie!

  5. What a strange coincidence. I’m currently rereading the Neil Young biography Shakey, and just last night I read the chapter that talks about the making of Human Highway and Neil’s brief infatuation with Devo. Thanks for the video! I’ve never seen this before.

    SteveR, that’s Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo in the crib. He’s in character as his alter-ego, Booji Boy.

  6. Neil Young and Devo? An unexpected pairing.

    What else here doesn’t make sense? How about Young endorsing Reagan? I cannot fathom how anyone, especially Young, was capable of being foolish enough to endorse Reagan. I am bamboozled.

    To address Neil’s music during this era, I haven’t given it a decent listen (or any for that matter – I am biased on what Neil Young material I enjoy – anything from 70-79). However, the take on Young’s albums in the article is interesting, and maybe I need to listen with a open mind instead of making immediate classifications.

  7. Got to agree with theMike….this is freaking my shit out man!

  8. I fell kinda dirty

  9. damn, anyone here have an MP3 of this song
    whats up with the whatever it is in the crib. very odd.

  10. Love Devo. Really love Neil. However this really sucks. Mothersbaugh didn’t have to sing this in this manner. Consider ‘(Can’t get no) Satisfaction’ which is the best R-S cover of all time.

  11. I think it could be Hopper under the mask…

  12. Booji Boy!…that’s Mothersbaugh’s alter-ego…

    As to Neil…”cocaine is a helluva drug…”

    -Ze Baron

  13. Holy nightmare fuel…

  14. no one knows about Booji Boy???

    btw, thanks for this vid….awesomeness all around.

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