Next month, Aquarium Drunkard, along with our friends at Arthur magazine, present three nights of Akron/Family at the Steve Allen Theater here in L.A. Akron/Family has joined the esteemed ranks of one of our favorite label collectives, Dead Oceans (SC/Jag), and have Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free, a double album, in the can and set for release May 5th. Expect to hear a number of new jams at the shows a well as at SXSW the following week.

We have three pairs of tickets to give away to AD readers. In the comments, leave you name, email address, the night you want to go and your favorite Akron/Family album. Winners notified via email, tickets will be held at will-call.

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MP3: Akron/Family :: Ed Is A Portal

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7 Responses to “Akron/Family :: 3/10, 11, 12, Steve Allen Theater”

  1. Wow – can’t believe there aren’t any comments yet.


    ‘Love is Simple’ is my favorite. Great band.

  2. thank’s for putting this shit on


    the ak/fam half of the angel’s of light split rekkid is my favorite. My name is my email address.

  3. Thanks AQ.


    My favorite Akron/Family record is Love Is Simple.

  4. My favorite Arkon/Family record is Angels of Light – We Are Him. If it has to say Akron/Family on it though I’ll say the s/t record with the Albertus Seba drawing on the cover – and I’d most prefer to go 3/11.


  5. My favorite of their albums is ‘Love Is Simple’, but that Angels of Light split is a close second.

    I’d prefer to go 3/11, followed by 3/10 (I also did enjoy that Golden Animals record).

  6. 3/12 would be great.

    My favorite album of theirs would be the Angels of Light split.


  7. “Love is Simple”
    3/12 would be awesome!

    interesting tidbit about the title track: was working with Bobcat Goldthwait on his new film, and he was using it as his temp. track for a scene…hope it gets used!

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