Bonnie “Prince” Billy :: I Am Goodbye

We’ll be discussing Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s upcoming album, Beware, at length in the very near future. Until then, chew on the new video for “I Am Goodbye,” which is very demonstrative of Beware’s overall sound as a whole. It goes without saying that we love it. Another high five to Will Oldham, whose beard has coincidently also reached new levels.

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14 thoughts on “Bonnie “Prince” Billy :: I Am Goodbye

  1. spot on call there, Ben.
    I would add a little Willie Nelson into that mix. The song kinda reminds me Wiliie’s “On the Road Again”

  2. How can one person constantly be so fucking awesome? I can’t believe that guy hasn’t just imploded and become some black-hole of kick-ass.

  3. Is that Jazz Flute I hear in? Anyone who rocks the Jazz Flute and the steel guitar in the same jam gets a gold star in my book. Marshall Tucker Band would be proud.

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