Neko Case @ The Greek Theatre, L.A. 6/12/09


Supporting her new LP, Middle Cyclone, Neko Case is slated to appear here in L.A. at the Greek Theatre in Los Feliz June 12th.   We have a pair of tickets for AD readers.   In the comments below, leave your name, a valid email address, and the song or album that first turned you on to her stuff.   Also, the show is part of the season ticket program Premiere Marquee Club with Gibson Amphitheatre (one buys three shows to join).

MP3: Neko Case :: Middle Cyclone
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46 thoughts on “Neko Case @ The Greek Theatre, L.A. 6/12/09

  1. I was first introduced to her through her work with The New Pornographers, but the song that got me turned on to her solo stuff was definitely “Hold On, Hold On” off Fox Confessor Brings the Flood – so haunting, so beautiful, so catchy.

  2. i had heard neko case in the new pornographers and some of her solo work, but had really ignored her until being scolded by a fellow fan at a devotchka show at the troubadour in mid-2006. we were talking about our favorite recent albums and the conversation nearly got physical when i admitted ignorance to fox confessor brings the flood. i picked it up on his advice and was mesmerized by the second listen. i think “maybe sparrow” was the track that hooked me. oh, and the devotchka fan and i remain friends.

  3. I discovered Neko Case off the New Pornographers and eventually was brow-beaten by more knowledgeable fans into her solo albums. Fox Confessor Brings The Flood was definitely my entry point.

  4. i was introduced to neko case when i bought the electric version when i was 15, but when it comes to her solo stuff, i was totally intrigued by blacklisted. “deep red bells” was just too good.

  5. the first song i heard from neko case was “we’ve never met” off of furnace room lullaby. her voice immediately struck me and ive been smitten ever since.

  6. I got into Neko Case strangely before I ever became a fan of the New Pornographers. Her voice is easily the most haunting in music today. But the first song that really got me was Hold On, Hold On off of Fox Confessor Brings the Flood. I still don’t really know what the hell she is talking about in the lyrics, but I remember listening to it in college coming home from the bar on my ipod when I was drunk, and it just seemed to be the perfect song for that moment. The lines about being someone “in between girl” were just so strange to listen to.

  7. Her version of ‘Runnin’ out of Fools’ on Blacklisted leaves me speechless though all her albums are worth listening to again and again. Her voice can be so sweet one second and thundering the next. She’s an instant American classic, our grandkids will be listening to her.

  8. The first time I heard her incredible voice was on a tribute album to Robert Altman’s Nashville. I dove deeper into her music after that, and holy cow, she’s the greatest.

  9. The one-two punch of “Set Out Running” and “Guided by Wire” from ‘Blacklisted’ ignited my love for Neko Case. My sister suggested the album way back when, and I’ve been happily immersed in her solo career (and work with the New Pornographers) ever since. As spectacular as ‘Middle Cyclone’ is, ‘Fox Confessor…’ is one of the very best releases of the decade — top five without question.

  10. For me, it was her cover of soulful shade of blue off of the tigers have spoken. the album is proudly listed as “country” according to my itunes library, and the song reminded me that she doesn’t just belong to indie kids.

  11. i first fell in love with that voice with 1997’s The Virginian. She never lets me down.

  12. It was her perfect album Blacklisted that did it for me, & I haven’t been the same since. Her voice is something that just grabs a hold & haunts you deeply.

  13. Star Witness was the first Neko solo tune that I heard…and in my collection I consider it a standard, probably in my top five all time

  14. Things That Scare Me from Blacklisted. (On a side note, so glad to see Kelly Hogan still with her on Middle Cyclone! Used to hear her at Smiths Old Bar in Atlanta back in the DAY.)

  15. A friend of mine recommended her to me around the time of The Virginian, but what did it for me was “Mood To Burn Bridges” off of Furnace Room Lullaby. That one’s a scorcher.

  16. Fox Confessor is my favorite album to listen from beginning to end. favorite track would be “Favorite”… ha

  17. My husband first randomly purchased “Hold On, Hold On” on iTunes to see if I’d like it and I was intrigued, so I bought Fox Confessor for myself for my birthday. I instantly fell in love with it and immediately purchased everything of hers that I could get my hands on. But to this day I can’t make it through “Pretty Girls” without literally getting choked up.

  18. It was Deep Red Bells that first intrigued me, but seeing her at The Gorge @ Sasquatch 2003 made me fall in love with Neko. Her voice *filled* the gorge, and there’s no one there that could argue otherwise.

  19. I’d heard the name for a few years, then finally picked up Fox Confessor Brings the Flood when it came out. That did it. That voice. That voice…

  20. I bought Blacklisted and liked it enough but when I saw her live with the New Pornographers I was blown away.

  21. My introduction to Ms. Case was “Dreaming Man” on the Canadian Amp LP. A great story matched by a haunting voice. Thanks, AD.

  22. That awesome instrument blew me away, and still does, singing “…way down in Bowling Green…” Looking forward to flying out from Phoenix to pick up my tickets to the show. Dude.

  23. Tighly from Blacklisted.

    When I’m walkin’ under start / I covet all the waining hours
    All the lonely houses / stand like monuments to thieves

    It should have been “In California”though. Everytime I hear that song it tears my heart right back to San Francisco, and I /will/ fly to LA for this show if I have tickets, ’cause I’ve never seen a show at the Greek Theatre. That’s a promise.

  24. I’m a more recent fan – I really liked Neko when the New Pornographers played at the San Diego Street Scene Festival last summer. She was fantastic!

  25. First hit my radar w/New Pornos, but it was ‘Star Witness’ that drilled me…amazing. whole ‘Fox’ record was a highwater mark, so ‘of a piece’ & enchanting…

  26. A friend I was working with was listening to an internet radio station that was playing “Deep Red Bells”. I loved it and downloaded the album that night.

  27. I fell in love with Neko Case when I heard Furance Room Lullabye, especially “So. Tacoma Way”. Her music has basically been the soundtrack to my whole life ever since. I love her music with an intensity I don’t have for any other musicians–even my kids know all the words to every song on every album.

  28. Saw her at a festival last year and didn’t know who she was then. However after the show, we promptly went to the nearest record store and got the Fox Confessor Brings the Flood album. The whole album is awesome, but Star Witness made me a convert.

  29. Fox Confessor was the first album I listened to. Went back from there, got em all and the extras I’ve found here and there. My favorite is Blacklisted, but I love them all. She is my VERY favorite, next to Dylan.

  30. “I Wish I Was the Moon,” off of Blacklisted and her cover of Scott Walker’s “Duchess,” off of The Virginian. Both stopped me dead in my tracks.

  31. “Hold on, Hold on” caught my attention but the real seller was watching her at the House of Blues in San Diego with the New Pronographers…. it was pure artistry. She is amazing.

  32. Furnace Room Lullaby. To this day one of my ‘Desert Island Discs’. “Set Out Running”, “Twist the Knife”, and “Porchlight” might be three of the most heartbreakingly perfectly-sad sad songs ever written. Ever. Plus, her love of and pride in Tacoma is so adorable (and I was born there).

  33. saw her play with a friends band a while ago. at the show bought “canadian amp” and have been hooked since.

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