Red Red Meat :: Bunny Gets Paid (Reissue)


Earlier this week Sub Pop reissued Red Red Meat’s third LP Bunny Gets Paid — an album the Seattle label originally released in 1995.   If the band’s name does not immediately ring a bell perhaps these two will: Califone and producer Brian Deck.   Califone rose (in part) from Red Red Meat’s ashes, and Deck most likely produced a record or three in your collection (Iron & Wine, Modest Mouse, Fruit Bats, etc.).

Spanning 1990-1997, Red Red Meat itself sprung from the remains of the Chicago outfit Friends of Betty putting an indie-roots twist on classic guitar rock from the sixties and seventies. While this obviously does not sound too left-field in 2009, one must remember these were the waning days of new-wave and post-punk, not to mention the dawn of grunge and what can now only be described as alt-rock (ew).   In short, the landscape was not necessarily littered with this “sound” at the time. In fact, having discovered Red Red Meat backwards through Califone‘s work, I could have sworn I was listening to some sort of lost Centro-matic record from a parallel universe.

Having been out of print for several years, Sub Pop have not only re-released Bunny Gets Paid but breathed new life into it via this new deluxe edition. And what does the deluxe edition mean exactly, basically this: remastered LP with a seven-song second disc of alternate, demo, and single versions of album tracks, plus B-sides, covers, and an era-appropriate unreleased track.   And of course newly tricked out album art and notes.   Interesting stuff for sure, but the real reason to celebrate the Bunny Gets Paid reissue is that of introducing it to a new audience — the one who may not have heard it the first go ’round.

Red Red Meat just concluded a small run of live dates in both Chicago and in Austin during last week’s SXSW.   Keep tabs on their MySpace page for for any additional live performance announcements.

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MP3: Red Red Meat :: Gauze
MP3: Red Red Meat :: Rosewood, Stax, Volts and Glitter
Amazon: Red Red Meat – Bunny Gets Paid

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Red Red Meat :: Stained & Lit (Video) off the 1994 release Jimmywine Majestic

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2 thoughts on “Red Red Meat :: Bunny Gets Paid (Reissue)

  1. I definitely liked Rosewood, Stax, Volts and Glitter the best. Nice and raw with a great groove. Totally has that early nineties sup-pop grunge feel, reminds me of Nirvana’s Bleach album. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. This is one of my fave records, and “Gauze” just hurts me inside, in a good way. I saw poor Red Red Meat open for Smashing Pumpkins on the night Kurt Cobain’s body was discovered. They played something “for Kurt” and the crowd was openly hostile to them!

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