Spoon :: It’s Gonna Take An Airplane (Live, Cover)

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I have my friend Adam to thank for turning me on to this Destroyer cover last October while staying at his home in Brooklyn…so thanks, pal. Destroyer’s 2004 LP Your Blues ranks as a favorite in Dan Bejar’s catalog, and “..Take An Airplane” is its cornerstone.   The below mp3 is Spoon’s cover, recorded live at The Moon in Tallahassee, FL November 8th 2007.

MP3: Spoon :: It’s Gonna Take An Airplane (Live – Destroyer cover)
Amazon: Destroyer – Your Blues

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4 thoughts on “Spoon :: It’s Gonna Take An Airplane (Live, Cover)

  1. Boy, you get the sense listening to this cover that guys in Spoon listened to that track a LOT before covering it. All of the midi stuff is exactly the same as on Your Blues and Britt even seems to be inflecting like Bejar. That’s kind of like a Harley trying to sound like a Vespa, but you gotta love the love.

  2. Any chance you could share the whole show? The drumstick count off at the end of this track leaves me wanting to hear what’s next!

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