Wilco :: Austin City Limits, September 15, 2007

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I was at this taping, 3rd row, the summer of 2007 while in Austin for ACL. Hearing this material live, in this context, ultimately contributed to my naming Sky Blue Sky as my favorite LP of 2007. A call I very much stand by two years later. If you are only going to listen to one song from this set, make it “Via Chicago.”  You’ll thank me later.

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MP3: Wilco :: You Are My Face
MP3: Wilco :: Handshake Drugs
MP3: Wilco :: Side With The Seeds
MP3: Wilco :: Via Chicago
MP3: Wilco :: Impossible Germany
MP3: Wilco :: Sky Blue Sky
MP3: Wilco :: Too Far Apart
MP3: Wilco :: Hate It Here
MP3: Wilco :: Walken
MP3: Wilco :: I’m The Man Who Loves You
MP3: Wilco :: On And On And On
MP3: Wilco :: Interview

24 thoughts on “Wilco :: Austin City Limits, September 15, 2007

  1. I could not agree more. Put a gun to my head. I absolutely cannot agree more. Impossible (Germany).

  2. i’ve still got this episode on my dvr and watch it on occasion. thanks for posting!

  3. @theMike – I’ve kept this on my DVR as well.

    I can’t say I’m as big of a fan of Sky Blue Sky as the Drunkard, and much preferred the A Ghost Is Born ACL taping. That being said, love this audio & thanks! “Too Far Apart” is my favorite.

  4. What’s incredible is how damn rock and roll Wilco’s old stuff (Too Far Apart) has been in the live shows the past few years. I heard Casino Queen at the ACL festival in 2007 and it melted my face off the bones.

  5. i am visible in this taping twice. once giving the really lame satanic rock hand gesture (i panic-ed!) and once just woohooing in general. right behind the camera in front of nils. blue striped polo shirt.

    the only “downside”to wilco’s live show is the lack of rotation in the setlist. the ACL show featured ONE SONG they didn’t play in dallas the night prior. they played all the songs in chicago, clearly they know how!

  6. I do like “Via Chicago” but I absolutely love “Impossible Germany.” Every time I hear that guitar, especially the solo, I have to sit back and listen. There’s something about that song that pulls me in each and every time I listen to it. Thanks a ton for sharing this recording.

  7. Wonderful show, thanks for sharing.
    Wish Wilco would have more dates lined up for Europe this spring, it’s been two years since I last saw them.

  8. @ themike & uwmryan, I too had this on my DVR until the hard drive crashed recently. The Via Chicago is beautiful! I wish I could find/buy a copy of the entire show.

  9. I AGREE!! I have the ghost is born ACL on video… Does ANYONE please know how I can get a copy of this ACL show?!!?

  10. Can someone please send me a link to this set or reup it??? I have been looking for it for a long time.

  11. Does anyone know if this is available in lossless (flac, shn) format anywhere? I can’t seem to find it.

  12. The lazy tempo’s of this live recording coupled with the wicked erratic lead licks make this an experience that I’m still reeling from…really good stuff…wish the downloads still worked…

  13. Thanks for the play list! I did not know the name of that song, “via Chicago” played before “Impossible Germany”. Just watched a repeat broadcast of the whole show on 4 May 2010. Great show!

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