Long Shots :: Justin Townes Earle & Jason Isbell

(Long Shots, a new feature on Aquarium Drunkard, asks some of our favorite artists to interview one another. Think of it as listening in on a good conversation.)

Jason Isbell: How's the tour going, Justin?

Justin Townes Earle: It's going pretty good I think.

JI: How did you like sitting in a van for 24 hours this week?

JTE: It was actually one of the most relaxing times I’ve had in the past two years of touring. Nobody could call me because my phone died and I just sat there watched the Simpsons all day.

JI: That sounds pretty nice; we should've followed you guys.

JTE: How was your Oklahoma City?

JI: You know it was pretty good. I just slept in Oklahoma City, but then on the way back here we stopped at a casino in New Mexico in Albuquerque and I won about $350 bucks playing cards. I was pretty happy

JTE: You can’t beat that.

JI: Yeah it was a good thing. So yeah, alright the tours going well... I wrote some questions down; you want me to ask you one of them?

JTE: Sure go for it.

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