The Henry Clay People are back in town having just wrapped up a six week U.S. tour.  Consider their April residency at Spaceland their homecoming.  Every Monday this month the band takes the stage, for free, with their friends beginning April 6th.

Tonight, April 13th, the band is joined by L.A. friends The Broken West, The World Record, and San Diego’s Writer.  See you there.

MP3: The Henry Clay People :: End of An Empire (AD Session)
Purchase: The Henry Clay People – For Cheap of For Free

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3 Responses to “AD Presents :: The Henry Clay People, April Residency @ Spaceland – Every Monday, Free”

  1. I love how it says free to the public. Nice!

  2. I’m really gonna try to make it tonight. What set times are people supposed to go on at?

  3. […] Yesterday, I was on the blog Aquarium Drunkard, where I was hipped to at least one great song –”End of the Empire” by The Henry Clay People. […]

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