Iron & Wine :: Around The Well (May 19th)


Saturday, April 18th, marked the second annual Record Store Day which by all accounts was a great success. Iron & Wine were among the various artists and labels who were offering up limited edition vinyl LPs, split 7 inches, live sets, and EPs to help raise awareness and attract buyers. To commemorate the occasion Sam Beam and company threw their hat in the ring with the release of an 18 track live CD recorded in June of 2005 while on tour in Norfolk, VA supporting the Woman King EP.

This ’05 live set precedes the group’s forthcoming 2-CD/3-LP rarities collection, Around The Well, that is slated for retail shelves May 19th. The collection spans the entirety of Beam’s recording career beginning with tracks from the home sessions that eventually yielded The Creek Drank The Cradle on through ’07s The Shepard’s Dog.   Split up into two sections, the first half is reportedly “an assortment of hushed home recordings, unedited and raw, while the second highlights moments captured in the confines of proper studios with the help of other musicians, friends and engineers.” Included in the collection is arguably one of Beam’s finest efforts, 2004’s “The Trapeze Swinger” (see mp3 below).

As if that wasn’t enough to fill your Iron & Wine quota for the year, the group are presently giving away a free zip download of The Shepard’s Dog alternate tracks via the Iron & Wine website. You may want to move on this soon, as I don’t know how long they plan to leave them up.

In The Comments: Record Store Day 2009: Did you make it out and about? If so, how was your overall experience and what did you pick up?   Let us know in the comments.

MP3: Iron & Wine :: The Trapeze Swinger
Pre-order: Iron & Wine – Around The Well

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13 thoughts on “Iron & Wine :: Around The Well (May 19th)

  1. Sadly, I didn’t pick anything up this year since all my funds were tied up with a recent move. But the energy was great up here in Portland. Shaky Hands and Loch Lomond put on a great in store at Jackpot Records.

  2. Awesome news on Iron &Wine……record store day was a blast. Got MMJ Live on Vinyl (only 3 copies at my local store) as well as Dead Weather and a Cold War Kids Live EP. Good stuff.

  3. I definetly made it out for Record Store Day as it is one of my favourite holidays!!! I live in Austin, TX so Waterloo was a great place to be on Saturday. Lots of excitement in the air. I ended up throwing down a couple of benjaminsm, perhaps I got a bit carried away? Na! The highlight of my purchases would have to be the new Neil Young archive release, 1st pressing, Japan import…oh sooo good!

  4. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to Fingerprints yesterday. I am looking forward to Iron & Wine @ the Troubadour in a couple weeks though!

  5. Wow, “The Trapeze Swinger” is incredible.

    Thanks to a friend in St. Louis, I have a copy of the Tom Waits 7″ coming my way. RSD needs to spread its wings further north (Canada).

  6. Record Store Day at Homer’s in Lincoln, NE:
    -MMJ x2 “10 (now with Jim James kung-fu action soapbox speech!)
    -I&W (always very high quality. If you want another great show, check out the Lincoln,NE solo show at
    -7″ from Vetiver, Blitzen Trapper, & Whiskeytown
    -Sara Watkins’ new solo album (she has a great voice)
    -Wilco live DVD (Muy excelente)
    -1/2 price used 7”: Steve Perry “Oh Sherrie”, Cougar’s “Hurts So Good”, Survivor “The Search is Over”, Datsuns’ “Harmonic Generator” (mmm…cheese…)

    The store was pretty busy for 10am. Plus, got a free RSD T-shirt and a few sampler CD’s. They offered me more stuff, but most of those samplers just end up on a coffee table. It was a great day.

  7. Made out with the new Felice Brothers, Ben Harper 7″, and Hacienda’s new disc… but the topper was getting to meet Wilco at The Disc Exchange in Knoxville, fine gentlemen all.

  8. Went to Criminal Records in Atlanta. Bands and PBR started at 10 am. Got the Iron & Wine, some 7″ of Tom Waits, Whiskeytown (I see I am not the only one) and Booker T. Picked up the Wilco DVD and about 120 45s…good time.

  9. Picked up the live Iron and Wine and the Grizzly Bear 7″ @ Lou’s Records in Leucadia, California.

    Lou was also having his $5 sale, where I found a handful of bargains. Great store & staff.

  10. I got the Pavement,MMJ 2×10″,Jesus Lizard 9×7″,Sonic Youth/Beck,Slayer and the Grizzly Bear 7 inch. I made it out to Lou’s in Encinitas. I made it out there last year and had a good time. This year there were more people buying to resell. Missed out on a few that I later saw on ebay for triple the amount. No give aways either this year.

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