“This is a damned enjoyable slightly kinky 60’s garage record”- Iggy Pop

Relatively unknown outside sixties garage enthusiast circles, The Monks were fantastic.  If you’re not familiar, the story – in a nutshell – is that five US GI’s, while stationed in Germany, started a band, were discharged from the army and decided to stick around making music. Light In The Attic Records has just issued both the groups Black Monk Time LP as well as a collection of early recordings.  Both discs are stacked with notes, interviews, lyrics, and photos. Anyone with even a passing interest in the Monks should check out the film The Monks: The Transatlantic Feedback.

Like the Serge Gainsbourg reissue, we are giving away Monks copies of both the CD and the vinyl to AD readers.  Interested?  Leave your name and a valid email address you can be reached at. Oh, and if you were one of the Serge winners, please let someone else have a go at this one.

Elsewhere: Pitchfork media recently ran a lengthy review here.

MP3: The Monks :: Monk Chant
MP3: The Monks :: Love Came Tumblin’ Down
Purchase: The Monks – Black Monk Time/The Early Years 1964-1965

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69 Responses to “Black Monk Time/The Early Years 1964-1965”

  1. Please. I just was in a local record shop here in the midwest. There was a poster of the Monks on the wall. It appeared to have authentic autographs on it. I asked if it was for real and the owner went on about how he stayed with Gary in NYC and he gave him records and stuff all the time. The owner said it was the only way to get The Monks back in the day. I couldn’t tell if the owner was putting me on or serious, but I don’t know the guy to just make up stories like that. I wish I knew more about them…

  2. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. i went to catholic school fro 12 years. we had priests, and brothers and sisters. but no monks. i want some monks.

  4. I’ve been hearing the Monks here and there on Radio 1190, out of the University of Colorado, Boulder. Please help me show the kids a thing or two. The kids need Mo’ Monks!

  5. I’m not familiar with the Monks, but like what I hear so far! I’d love a copy of the CD…

  6. Would love to get a Monks LP. Great garage rock.

  7. Here’s to hoping.

  8. Sounds cool. I am interested in music by soldiers. If there is any vinyl left throw my name in the hat.

  9. I pray the Monks CD will find its way into my hands.

  10. Hook it up! monk style…

  11. yes please

  12. don’t know when this contest is up, but put my name in the cap. either way definitely picking this up on the next trip to the ol’ record shop

  13. Mo’ Monks, mo’ problems. I’d love the LP.

  14. Please!

  15. Monkify my shit.

  16. please please please…..this kicks ass

  17. Got turned on to the Monk Chant a couple of months ago. Great stuff.

  18. If this giveaway is still going, please add my name, then pick it out the hat and send me my monk, man.

  19. Oh yeah, count me in! Would love it!

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