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The youngest of thirty-six children of a West African family, Hermas Zopoula’s label bio describes the artist as “a moped enthusiast, orphanage volunteer, and Internet café proprietor. He’s also a psalmist, and sings in four different languages: French, English, Dioula, and Sissali.” Yeah, me too.   Next month the folks at Asthmatic Kitty are releasing Zopoula’s debut, Espoir, a double disc set that presents two sides of Zopula’s music; a refined studio LP, and a second disc that is comprised of just the man and a guitar in his backyard. Folk jams. Been listening to this for a week and loving it.   Sample two mp3s below – Espoir drops May 19th.

MP3: Hermas Zopoula :: Seigneur Apprend Moi
MP3: Hermas Zopoula :: Courez Courez
Amazon: Hermas Zopoula – Espoir

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